Train Whistle

Kylie and I went on a sweet sister date yesterday.
We went to our favorite antique store in a little nearby town.
We've been going to this shop since we were about 17, so it's always fun and nostalgic when we visit.

After buying some pretty new treasures, we went out for coffee & cookies.
Then we came across this amazing train car across the street from the coffee shop.
There's an old freight station right next to this train car that has been turned into a bed & breakfast.
It's a beautiful building with hardwood floors, high wood beam ceilings, and antique train memorabilia.
But since there were a couple barking dogs at the bed & breakfast,
we decided to take photos by this old train car instead!

Shirt: Glassons | Pants: H&M | Satchel: Old Faithful Vintage | Boots: Thrifted | Sunnies: Modcloth

Spending the day with my sister is the greatest.
It's even more special now that Kylie and I are both married and Kylie has a little boy of her own.
I'm thankful to be so close with her. I guess it's inevitable when you're twins though!

Anyway, Happy Friday!
Have a beautiful Easter weekend everyone!

Oh, and Tim & I are featured on the beautiful Deer Circus blog.
Bridget does the most adorable "I Love You Because..." posts.
So Tim & I got to gush over how much we love each other ;)

Go check it out.

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Days Like These

Have I mentioned how great it feels to be back in our apartment?
Yep. I think I may have mentioned it once or twice before.
 Here are some shots from around our place on this cozy, rainy day.

Timothy & I are enjoying a relaxing day together.
We had a friend over for brunch today and now we're drinking coffee and watching silly tv.
There is nothing better than days like today.


Home Sweet Home

After a whirlwind trip back to Indiana, Tim and I are finally settling into our little place again.
We were lucky enough to have a friend live in our apartment while we were in New Zealand,
so we've got our own place back now!
It's a wonderful feeling. You don't realize how much you miss something until you don't have it anymore.
And I definitely felt that with our apartment. And our pup. I am so happy to have him back again.
He's currently cuddled up at my feet as I type this. The cutest.

Anyway, here's what I wore today.
Oh and a sidenote: I don't care how many bloggers own this coat. I love it.
And I plan on keeping it and wearing it until I am somebody's grandmother.

Coat: Anthropologie | Dress & shoes: Thrifted | Bag: c/o Handbag Heaven | Sunnies: Free People

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Have a beautiful weekend. xo.


Disney Magic

We flew into LA last week and spent a week on holiday with my parents.
There were so many perfect days spent at Disneyland.
We used to live in LA when I was a kid, so we'd go to Disneyland all the time.
It's so nostalgic and magical for all of us.
I don't think I could have asked for a better reunion with my parents.

Oh, and it was my little nephew Seth's first time at Disney!
It was so fun to be part of his fist Disney experience.
He's a bit too young to really know what's going on...but it was magical nonetheless.

Disneyland has to be one of my favorite places on Earth.
I mean, Tim and I even spent a day there on our Honeymoon! We must love the place, right?
It's just so full of wonderful memories for me.
And this trip has made it even more of a special place.