The Sweetest Thing

Kylie and I have been enjoying this beautiful day together!
Our husbands are helping out at a music festival this weekend,
so my sister and I have been hanging out in Auckland together.
We've been going out to coffee at our favorite cafe, browsing pretty shops,
watching movies, and hanging out with darling little Seth.

Gahhh, these two. They melt my heart.
I love hanging out with them and seeing them laugh and play together.
It really is the sweetest thing.


Rose Of My Heart

My sweet husband snapped these photos the other day when it was super gloomy outside.
Best way to beat a gloomy day? Wear pink! It always works for me, anyway.

New Zealand has offered us some fun weather this past week.
It was super hot one day, rainy the next, and now it's (finally) cooled off a touch.
Although it is nice on super hot days to walk down to the beach for a swim.
Or a "go til the water is to your waist" swim. Yeah, I'll be the first to admit I'm a baby about cold water.
But it is refreshing on those toasty NZ days.

Anyway, here is what I wore on above-mentioned rainy day. ♥

 Dress: Fancy Treehouse | Shoes: Free People (borrowed from my sis

Oh, and I've finished Wildwood! I'm now on to the sequel, Under Wildwood.

I had heard mixed reviews of Wildwood, but I was so intrigued by the illustrations. I had to give it a read.
And I am so glad I did! I absolutely loved the story.
It's such a fun, quick and easy read full of talking animals and adventure.
The story took a bit of a "darker" turn than I was expecting (seeing that it was in the children's section of the library),
but I really enjoyed being surprised by the story.

So book #1 one of my book club reads : success!
Now we'll see how Under Wildwood goes.

Have a perfect weekend ♥


Make It Yourself Monday : 2013 Memory Jar

How many of you caught yourself saying, "Where did 2012 go?!" at the end of last year?
I know I did.
It seems like time moves by so quickly, and special little moments are often forgotten over the years.
I, for one, hate forgetting special memories. So much so that I've been keeping a journal since I was 14.
Yes, I'm that nerd who sits down at the end of the day and writes out my thoughts and any notable things that happened throughout the day.
So for those of you who can relate to my memory-loss phobia, this project is for you!

It's pretty simple. The idea is to keep a jar full of jotted-down memories.
You add to it throughout the year.
And it is so easy. It's almost laughable that I'm putting this tutorial together.
But I thought I'd share the idea and shoot some photos of my finished product.

I bought my paint pen for $1.50 from a local craft shop.
It washes off with nail polish remover. Which worked out in my favor when I failed at my first two drawings (ha!).
For those of you using paint pens for the first time, I recommend getting a test glass to practice on.
See if your pen comes off with nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, etc. It's nice to know just in case of a mess-up!

Happy crafting!


At The Cinema

We went out to our favorite cinema last night!
It's a beautiful boutique-style cinema with only three theaters.
Every theater is ornately decorated and absolutely stunning.
Ours had a massive chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

After the movie, we walked around and found this amazing location
where they apparently have a farmers market on Sundays.
I think we'll have to check it out this weekend!

Dress & Shoes: Free People | Shirt: Glassons | Scarf: Red Current

And we found this path that curved around the back of the theater.
There were fairy lights in the trees and people talking and laughing at a nearby restaurant.
It was pretty magical.

We saw Les Miserables. It was pretty magnificent.
Such an amazing story. Definitely shed a couple tears.
Go see it if you haven't already!



Timothy and I went to the cutest cafe this morning.
We woke up at 3:30AM to take Tim's auntie & uncle to the airport.
They were able to fly over from Turkey for the holiday season, which was super special!
After saying our long goodbyes, we headed out to a cafe in Ponsonby that Kylie had recommended.

We drank flat whites and shared a pumpkin quiche.
I took way too many photos and probably weirded out the local "usuals".

We enjoyed our early morning date.
Despite being so tired, we chatted away about life and the future and all sorts of sweet things.
It was quite the perfect morning.
 If you happen to be in the Auckland area, I definitely recommend this place!



First post of the new year! It sure feels nice to start fresh with a new year, huh?
I jotted down a few 2013 goals this morning. A few of them have to do with this little blog of mine.
This year, I want to create an editorial calendar and stick to it so that my posts/content are more regular.
And I've been wanting to try my hand at some design work. But more on that later ;)

I hope you all had a magical New Year's Eve!
I traveled up north to a beautiful beach town with some of my friends.
We pitched our tents and hung out for a few days to bring in 2013.
It was such fun!
Now I'm back home, soaking up the summer sun...except today is a bit gloomy!

Shorts, scarf, earrings : Thrifted | Boots, shirt: Cotton On | Sunglasses: Free People

One of my New Year's goals is to read more.
My friend has started a little book club. The goal is to read one book every two weeks.
Pretty doable if you ask me! I really enjoy reading, but I haven't picked up a book in way too long.
I'm excited to have a group of friends to help motivate me to read some great novels.
First up is Wildwood by Colin Meloy.
Technically it's a children's novel, but I've read some good reviews on it. And the artwork is so darn pretty!
I figured this would be a good book to ease myself into a reading regimen. 

Have any of you read it? What did you think?
Or do you have any favorite book recommendations?