Au Revoir, New Zealand

After a blissful four month holiday in my husband's home country, today is a bittersweet day.
I have loved spending this much time in one of my favorite places.
Having in-laws overseas is definitely hard. It seems like you're always missing someone.
But I wouldn't change it for the world.
I am so privileged to be part of their family and to have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to spend time with them.
But I'll sure miss these summer days filled with beaches and jumping off rocks.

As much as I love it here, I am really excited to see my family and friends back in the States.
I've learned that you just need to appreciate where you are and who you have around you each day.
Life changes so quickly, so often.
I am so blessed to have amazing family and friends all around the world.
And even though that means there's always people to miss, it's such a wonderful part of my life.

Until next time, New Zealand.
I adore you. 


  1. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand! How lucky you are! Also I love your swimsuit, did you get it at Modcloth?

    1. Leah - My swimsuit is actually from Ruche! But I know Modcloth has one very similar ;)

  2. aawww, amazing! I spent a couple months in australia last year, but I've never been to NZ. definitely on my bucket list.

  3. What a beautiful place New Zealand seems. You're so lucky to have lived there for four months! Also, your hair is a wonderful fiery orange!

  4. Looks like so much fun!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  5. Sad that you are leaving my home country :( If you want somewhere to go for a last bite to eat. I seriously recommend BAMBINA in Ponsonby!!!

  6. Aw, I absolutely get that heart-split-between-continents feeling. Glad you have had such primo weather for your last few days though- safe travels x

  7. looks like it was an absolutely amazing time!

    XO Sahra

  8. Oh my <3 I wish I could jump just like this <3

  9. I love your togs! super cute!


  10. Aw, it's been too long since I last visited your site. So sad that you'll be leaving New Zealand. The place looks like such a dream, and those pictures are stunning!!!!
    xo TJ

  11. I'm a New Zealand girl! Where in NZ is your husband from? Hope you enjoyed your time here, it really is such a lovely country to live in...love your blog by the way, I've just stumbled upon it!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage