South Island Sneak Peak!

My, oh my! What a whirlwind of beauty this trip has been!
Tim and I have been traveling the South Island of New Zealand for the last 6 days and it's been so incredible!
I don't think I've ever seen so much beauty packed into one place.
We've taken so many photos and videos, but I thought I'd pop in and share some phone pics
while we have an internet connection!

Us on the drive to Milford Sound. Queenstown from our gondola ride. Milford Sound(!!!!). Fox Glacier.

I have a lot of beautiful photos to share, but I'll sort through those once we get home in a few days!
Tomorrow we're hiking around Abel Tasman National Park.
Then we're taking the ferry back up to the North Island!
A few more days of wonderful traveling, then we're back home.
And to top it all off, one of my best friends is visiting from the States!
She gets in the day we arrive back home.Wohoo!

Well I hope you all had the most perfect Thanksgiving.
I'll be back in a few days with lots of photos from our travels.


Little & Friday

Kylie and I went on a double date to the cutest little cafe!
It's called Little & Friday. Man, is it good. Seriously.
The coffee and donuts were amazing!
Kylie and Matt had discovered their donuts at a little pop-up shop last weekend.
They immediately offered to take us to the actual L&F location. It's so cute!

It's a little cafe tucked away in a fabric shop.
They have 2 long tables set up, so it kind of feels like a big communal hangout.
We chatted with a cute lady from Ireland who was just the sweetest!
If you're in the Auckland area, I highly recommend this place.

**For those of you wanting to visit, there's a location in Newmarket (which is this one), and one in Belmont (near Takapuna)**

Well Tim & I leave for our big South Island trip today! We leave for the airport in about an hour.
Hopefully I'll be able to update a couple times while we're on the road!

Don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway.
I'll be drawing a winner at the end of the month when I'm back from my travels.


Seeing Stars

Romper: NastyGal | Shirt: Brandy Melville | Tights: ASOS | Boots: Cotton On  

Well today has been pretty darn great.
How can it not be a wonderful day when you're wearing a romper?
And one covered in stars?! So great, so great.

Tim and I are heading down to the South Island on Monday, so we've been doing lots of trip planning!
We're flying down to Christchurch, then traveling around for 10 days.
We'll be going allll the way down to Milford Sound, then driving allll the way back up to Auckland.
I'm so excited! I've never seen the South Island before.
For me, seeing new places is by far the best kind of vacation.
And we'll be renting a little camper van to travel in.
So I'll be in a van with my best friend for 10 days seeing the most beautiful place in the world (or so I've heard...)
Can't even wait! But enough about that...I hope you're all having an amazing week!

Challenge: This weekend, go somewhere you've never been before ;)


Date Night // By The Ocean!

Outfit details: Sweater & striped tunic: Free People | Bag: ALDO | Boots: Cotton On | Necklace: Dirty Little Dish

 We had such a perfect date night the other night!
We bought fish & chips from a little takeaway shop and drove to the beach at sunset.
Fish & chips is one of those dinners that I just love indulging in when I'm somewhere by the ocean.
Back home in Indiana, it's rare to find real quality fish since we're so far from any ocean.
It's the little things that are exciting, huh? ;)

 I've been staying down in Auckland with my sister this weekend.
We had coffee with the beautiful Amanda from Here Comes The Sun yesterday!
She & her husband are the sweetest!

Needless to say it's been a perfect weekend in the city!
Hopefully you're all having a beautiful weekend as well.

Oh, And don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway ;)



Kylie and her family spent this past weekend with us up on the coast!
They stayed in a little bach by the sea.
We went over and lit a fire on the beach and set off fireworks all night.

Life up here on the coast is just so simple and relaxing.
Waking up to the sea every morning is definitely something I could get used to.
There's something so soothing about hearing the waves lapping up on the shore
and watching children play in the sand.

Such a perfect weekend spent with my wonderful family.
I love being here and experiencing life in a different part of the world.
Tim and I have made a deal to walk to the beach every day we're here.
I know we'll miss it when we're landlocked in the states again.



Being away from our home has sure got me missing interior decorating.
Granted, I wasn't 100% happy with our apartment decor - but it was getting there!
When we return stateside, I'm think I'll be decorating our new place hard out (once we figure out where we'll be living!)

I love the idea of modern lines & furniture mixed with vintage touches.
And I love the use of color in this particular home. I'll be working on designing different inspiration boards for our new home.
This is hopefully the first of many more to come.

interior photos // tea towel

So pretty, right?!
Hope you enjoyed.
I'm off to scour the internet for more & more photos of pretty homes.


Circus Circus

Circus Circus has quickly stolen my heart and become one of my favorite cafes in Auckland.
It claims to be "The Greatest Cafe on Earth", and I would have a hard time arguing with that claim!
The food is delicious, the coffee is superb, the waitstaff is so sweet, and the decor is just amazing!
Kylie and I had dinner, dessert, & coffee there last night while our husbands attended the NZ Music Awards!
Not as flash & fancy as a music awards ceremony, but an amazing time nonetheless.

And we snapped some photos afterwards, of course!
Outfit details: Dress: Thrifted | Boots: Cotton On | Cardigan: H&M | Bag: See Me Everywhere Shop

Yay for perfect sister dates!
You're gonna have to get used to lots of sister-date posts in the coming months.
She & I are just enjoying ourselves wayyyy too much to not document everything.

Gallivanting around New Zealand is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.

Have a beautiful day/night/evening. Whatever time it is in your part of the globe ;)