Hair Tutorial : Milkmaid Braids

A few of you requested a tutorial for this hairstyle, so here it is!!
It's super quick and easy once you get the hang of it.
And you only need a couple hair ties & bobby pins, so it's a pretty sweet deal ;)

//ONE// Start off by separating your hair into two braids.
I've found that if they're a bit looser, it's more comfortable to wear this hair style all day.
Tight braids seem to create an uncomfortable pressure on your scalp that is not comfortable to deal with all day.
So in order to avoid turning into a mean you-know-what halfway through the day - loosen those braids up!
//TWO// Pull one braid over and secure with 2-3 bobby pins. Leave the hair tie in.
//THREE// Now this is the fun part. Pull the other braid over. Then begin the game of "hide the hair ties and bobby pins as best you can"!!
It's really just a matter of adjusting and positioning the second braid.
I usually tuck the end (where the hair tie is) underneath the first braid.
Then I secure with a few bobby pins.
//FOUR// Add a pretty flower and enjoy!

Pretty simple, eh?
This is one of my favorite simple and semi-fancy hairstyles.
Hope you enjoy and try it out!


St. Louis!

My Mom and I took a quick trip to St. Louis this weekend!
It was so much fun to spend quality one-on-one time with her.
With my upcoming trip to New Zealand, every moment I get to spend with my family is pretty darn precious.
We went to a huge Joyce Meyer convention.
It pretty much consisted of wonderful messages and amazing worship music.

I'm pretty blessed to have the Mom that I have.
She truly is one of my best friends.

Have a lovely week!!


Jet Plane Travels

Sorry for the week-long hiatus, blog friends! It's been a busy week of making bridesmaids dresses for a friend's wedding,
plus tons of little Midnight & Dawn projects packed in there as well.
Unfortunately, I'll be gone for a few more days this weekend.
My Mom and I are taking a little girl's weekend trip to St. Louis! Should be a grand ol' time!
I'll leave you with a fun travel wish list I created:
I hope you all have the best weekend


Renegade Chicago!

The Renegade Craft Fair was in Chicago this past weekend!
My, oh my, what a show it was!
Renegade is the biggest, baddest craft show that rolls through Chicago.
There are SO many amazing artists & vendors showcasing their wonderful skills.
It's such a vibrant, buzzing, inspiring atmosphere.

I ventured out into the city with Tim, my parents, and my good friend Genni.
What a day!
I wore the cutest little yellow dress from the sweet people over at Sugarlips.
I got so many compliments on it! It was pretty ridiculous. In the best way, of course ;)

Dress c/o: Sugarlips, Blazer, shoes, purse, and brooch: Thrifted

I made some new friends, bought cutesie things,
and (most importantly) spent quality time with people I dearly love.

Happy Wednesday, folks!
I'm off to eat dinner & homemade brownies topped with frosting and Reese's pieces. YUM.


Dream A Little Dream

Tim and I watched Leap Year last night.
It's quite a funny little movie starring Matthew Goode and Amy Adams.
It's set in the beautiful country of Ireland, so it's quite enchanting.
This song by The Mamas and The Papas was in it. I just LOVE this tune.
It's pretty darn sweet and romantic.
Two traits that I am particularly drawn to ;)

Anywayyyy...I wore this dress from my collection yesterday.
It's one of my favorite prints I've ever found!
Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas & the Papas on Grooveshark

Dress: Midnight & Dawn, Sweater: Macy's, Bunny ring: c/o ModCloth, Black stone ring: Kohl's, Loafers: Thrifted

Tonight Tim & I are having some friends over for dinner and a movie.
The perfect Saturday night if you ask me ;)
Tomorrow is Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!!
Anybody else going?!


Now Available : Little Clothes!

Hello, friends!
Just wanted to make an announcement that my shop, Midnight and Dawn, is now selling little clothes!!
Kylie and I have started sewing little shirts & dresses from pretty fabric (some vintage and some new)!

So if you wanna buy something sweet and special for your favorite little one,