Rainbows in the Dark

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
Even though it's late at night, and pretty much Wednesday by now. Oh well ;)

My day kind of got away from me due to a 3-hour nap. That's what happens when I forget to set an alarm!
Sometimes I think that I have an internal alarm. Like if I tell myself "I'll wake up in an hour",
my body will automatically follow suit and do what I tell it to.
Not so much...I passed out for entirely too long this afternoon!
Luckily Tim was out roofing a house, so I wasn't missing out on any husband & wife quality time.

I wore this fancy outfit yesterday.
The fine folks over at Sugarlips sent me this pretty little dress!
I seriously love it. It is SO comfortable and fun.
I got tons of compliments on it throughout the day....that's a sure sign of a good dress, huh?

Caribbean Ice Dress c/o Sugarlips, Shoes: Urban Outfitters,
Hat: H&M, Bracelet: gift from my Mom

My Aunt is flying into town from Texas tonight!
She'll be in town for the next few days.
I haven't seen her in a long time, so I am over the moon with excitement!!
I'm sure I'll have some photos to share.

Take care and have a beautiful...Wednesday ;)


Wolf Like Me

What's better than a brand new shirt from Dahlia paired with floral shorts?!
Let me tell ya...not a whole lot.
This pretty little combo had my heart soaring all afternoon.
I'm a sucker for lace and floral, so I was in heaven with this number.

And the back of this shirt is transparent! How fun is that?!
I may be getting a bit too excited over this...but seriously. So cool...literally.

Oh, and listen to this song by Lera Lynn.
She is incredible. I could listen to her voice all day.
Wolf Like Me by Lera Lynn on Grooveshark

Shirt: c/o Dahlia Fashion, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Purse: ALDO

We're back from our Jersey trip.

It was so amazing to spend time with such wonderful friends.

Trips like that make me realize how important friendships and community are.

It's easy to get caught up in projects and work and staying busy.

And while all that is well and good, there is something so special about slowing down and taking time to enjoy the people God has put in your life.

Have a beautiful night surrounded by people you love!


The Vacation Continues!

Dress: Shop in Chicago (can't remember the name!), Leopard shirt: Borrowed from Kylie, Sunglasses: OC Shades

We are still having a grand ol' time in Jersey! The days have been hot and sunny, and the nights haven't given us much relief either.
We did have a storm roll in today, so I think that'll cool things down a bit.

Our days have been filled with church services, trips into town, camp food (yuck!),
good times with good friends, and a few beach days!
It's been quite a relaxing trip.

Tonight we're off to eat at a crab shack!
It should be quite a blast.
Gotta eat as much seafood as possible while by the sea, right?!


Life By The Sea

We're enjoying our little vacation out here in New Jersey!
We've met up with some wonderful friends and have been making the most of our sunny days on the shore.
Some of the highlights have been: Rita's(!!), waking up to the ocean every morning,
spending lots of time with my nephew, cute coffee shops, a carnival at night.

We're here for a few more days.
I'll be soaking in every sunny moment I get to spend by the ocean!


Heading To The East Coast

A 4AM wake-up call is only acceptable for one purpose : adventure.
And that's exactly why Timothy and I are up with the sun this morning.

We packed our bags and we're heading to the east coast!
We're catching a flight to Philadelphia, then heading to New Jersey to meet up with some friends.
We'll be staying on the Jersey Shore for the next week!
Only there won't be any crazy night life or guidos or fist-pumping for us.
We'll be there for a completely opposite reason : church camp.
Tim is playing bass at a camp with the above-mentioned friends.
It's right on the ocean, so it's bound to be a blast!
I'll try to update as much as possible while I'm away!
Happy Weekend! Wohoo!!


You'll Always Be A Pearl

Popping in for a quick hello this evening!
I'm cooking some pita pizzas for dinner, so I've gotta make this quick.
Can't leave a hungry husband waiting ;)
(Side note: Tim makes me dinner nearly every single night. I told him tonight is my turn!
Just didn't want any of you think I've got some slave-driver hubby who makes me cook dinner for him.
And if you knew Tim in real life, you'd realize what a ridiculous scenario that would be. He is the sweetest!)

Ok. The highlight of this outfit? My new lady tie!!
I was lucky enough to win it through the Skunkboy Creatures blog.
It is pretty much the cutest accessory a girl could ever dream of, right?!
You can pick up your very own from the lovely Christine's shop called Flapper Girl.

Dress: thrifted, floral headband: handmade, Lady Tie: Flapper Girl, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Kylie and I saw Katy Perry:Part of Me this afternoon.
It was pretty wonderful in my opinion.
And while I'm not the biggest KP fan, I always enjoy stories of peoples beginnings.
Let me tell you - her story is pretty fascinating.
And if nothing else, I'm sure most of you fashiony gals will ADORE all of her stage costumes!!
They are so fun and girly and adorable.
I'll admit that I'm more of a fan after seeing the movie ;)
You gotta love a girl who is just being her quirky little self!


Crafter Spotlight : Oh Melisa!

How adorable are these designs by Oh Melisa?! Goodness gracious, that little lady is talented.
Melisa is a friend of mine from Pittsburgh, and she was kind enough to send some goodies over for my handsome nephew.
Her shop has so many amazing designs for babies, toddlers, and grown-ups too!

Seth obviously loves his gifts.
He says thanks, Melisa ;)
Go check out her amazing ETSY site and pick up some gifts for your favorite little one(s)!


Feels Like Home

I'm learning to appreciate the special little things about our place.
It's finally sinking in that we'll be leaving here in a few shorts months.
We've lived in this apartment ever since we got married over 2 years ago.
There's something so sweet and sentimental about your first place together as husband & wife.

I remember when we first found this place.
We walked in to a dirty little place with smoke-stained walls, stained carpet,
and a stench coming from the freezer from Lord only knows what!
The first thing I said when I saw this place was, "I am NOT living here!"
We had a few friends in the building who had done their place up really cute,
but I was convinced that this particular apartment was beyond repair.

But being the trusting then-fiance that I was, I agreed to the move.
Next thing I knew we were ripping up the carpet and seeing the freshly painted walls.
As for the stinky ol' fridge...my friend was gracious enough to clean it out like crazy until it was like new!
We moved in a few weeks later, and it was like a completely different place.
And when we started putting our things in their rightful place, it started to feel like home.

Painting by my husband,  wooden frames from UO, homemade 'Love Never Fails' map was inspired by the lovely Skye Teal's room!

As excited as I am about our trip to New Zealand, I know our time here in Indiana will go by too fast.
So for the next couple months I'll be learning to slow down
and appreciate all the little details we've created to make this place our home.


Summer Drink : Lemon, Lime and Bitters

I've got a special treat for you today!
It's been so darn hot this summer. Record highs of 104F (that's 40 degrees Celsius!)
It hasn't been this hot here since 1921. Ridiculous, right?!
I guess this is the trade-off for that mild winter we just had. So I can't complain ;)

I decided to share one of my favorite summer drinks...lemon, lime and bitters.
I first tasted this delicious beverage a few years ago in New Zealand.
It's super popular over there. And for good reason: it's delicious!

I highly recommend this drink for a summer cool-down.

3 drops Angostura Aromatic Bitters (can be found at most grocery/liquor stores)
15 ml lime juice
Sprite or 7up
Fresh lemon

Fill glass with ice. Add 3 drops of bitters. Measure out 15 ml of lime juice & pour into glass. 

Fill the rest up with Sprite or 7up. Slice up some lemons and add one or two slice into the glass. 
Add one on the rim for ultimate fanciness! Drink up and enjoy your hot summer day.

Give it a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.
What are some of your favorite summer drinks?
I want to feature some more recipes on here!


Summer's In The Air, Heaven's In Your Eyes

Just another beautiful summer day!
Tim and I have been spending lots of time at my parents' house this week.
Tonight we're going over for a big 4th of July celebration.
My Dad (who is a master of the grill) is making us steaks! Delish.
Then we're heading over to a friend's house to watch the city's fireworks.
Should be a grand ol' time!

This is about as patriotic as it gets for me, friends.
I wore this yesterday and realized it would be a fitting outfit to post today.
Red, white, and blue. That's what today is all about ;)

To all my American readers... I hope you've got big plans for this evening.
Enjoy the night full of lit-up, beautiful skies!

Ps. The newest Avett Brothers song. SO GOOD.
Live and Die by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark
I don't think I'll ever stop loving these guys.
Their music has meant so much to me over the past few years.
It has been with me through heartbreaks, world travels, everyday joys,
summer drives, and my first dance as a wife.
They never cease to amaze me.