Barton Hollow

My sister Kylie took these photos the other day.
She was over at my place watching Bye Bye Birdie (amazing musical, by the way!).
We popped outside really quick to snap these shots.
There's all this greenery right downstairs in my apartment's parking area.
It's so pretty and magical in the evening.
The sun sets right behind the trees. It's just so perfect on summer nights.

Well because of this perfect lighting...I have a lot of photos to share!
Sorry if it's a bit of an overload. But let's be honest...photos are the best part of blogs ;)

Scarf, shirt, shoes: thrifted, shorts: Glassons (NZ)
A quite sweet & simple look, but I enjoyed it!
And the peachy pink color of the shirt just makes me smile.

I've been listening to a lot of The Civil Wars the past few days.
I love their harmonies. And the whole feel of the record reminds me of a train on the move.
The title track "Barton Hollow" is one of my favorites.
Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars on Grooveshark

Pretty great, right?
I suggest listening to the entire album if you've got time this evening.
It's definitely worth it!
Have a nice night! Spend it with people who make you laugh.


Hair Tutorial : 20s Inspired Finger Waves

I've got a special treat for you this evening!
My sister and I whipped up this fun hair tutorial video.
I've done the finger waves look a few times, and I always get lots of compliments and questions about it.
So I thought I'd share my technique!

Honestly, it was a bit of trial and error when I first started styling finger waves.
Most of the "how to" videos I found were really not that great...
I've found that the secret to it is to wet your hair before you put the pin curl clips in.
It really does make a world of difference.
Anyway, have a watch!

It's really quite simple once you get used to it.
It takes a bit of practice, but if I can figure it out...I'm sure all of you can as well ;)
Kylie & I are planning to make more hair tutorial videos in the future.
We really enjoyed making this one.
But let me know if you have questions about this style!


Circus Time

Here are some dreamy shots we took the other evening.
My sister gave me this ridiculously amazing corduroy blazer the other day!
It's quickly becoming a solid favorite of mine.

And...I bought leather shorts. Well, I'll be honest and admit that they're "pleather".
I was shopping with my Mom & sister in Chicago and my sister Kylie found them.
She and I each bought a pair...twins...sheesh...I don't think we'll ever stop matching! haha
Anyway, I'm starting to fall in love with them so you might have to get used to seeing them on the ol' blog here ;)

Here are a few snapshots of the party we threw for my dear friend Ashton.
It was such an amazing sight!
I wish I could live in a gypsy-train-car/circus-themed world all the time.
We took a whole lot of polaroids. Maybe I'll get my hands on some to scan in & share with you sometime ;)
But for now I'll just share these pretty shots of the decorations & my 20s inspired hair!

Oh, and my darling husband got me an iPhone for our anniversary!
So I've finally joined the world of Instagram. Follow me if you'd like @twohappyhearts.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Have a cook-out with some people you love.


Film Friday

I'm starting a new feature on the blog called Film Friday!
I'm attempting to post more film photography of mine.
It's something that I've always really enjoyed (and even went to school for!), but I rarely make time to experiment these days.
So in an attempt to bring more film into my life, I've started this feature!

I have tons of old cameras, some found at antique stores, others passed down to me from my Grandpa who was a photographer.
So I really have no excuse not to use these amazing cameras of mine!
 For this first roll, I used a cheap little plastic camera of mine.
It's a little Bell & Howell that is "focus-free" and quite unpredictable.
 But that's a quality that I kind of love in cameras.
I took these photos in Chicago on our 2nd Anniversary a few days ago. We drove downtown, then headed up north into the woods.

 Hopefully I'll have more where these came from ;)

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope you all have grand weekend plans ahead of you.
Mine includes a circus-themed birthday party for one of my very best friends tonight!


Year Two

Timothy and I had a super special day yesterday.
We celebrated 2 years of marital bliss!!
 We had a pretty low-key day full of delicious meals and quality time together.
We drove out to Chicago and enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate at a delicious burger place for dinner.

Oh, and last year we started a tradition of taking yearly portraits on our anniversary.
We kept up with the tradition and took a few portraits with our "Year Two" sketch.
I've got a notebook set aside for all the illustrations we'll be doing throughout the years.

We had quite a perfect day.
We are so blessed to have the relationship that we have.
For those of you who are lucky enough to have found your soul mate, I'm sure you know what I mean.
You know how it feels to be utterly and completely secure and peaceful in a relationship.
You know how it feels to look at the one you love and fall even more in love with every day that passes.
You know how it feels to "know". To know that you've found your perfect match.
The one who loves you on your best days as well as your worst days.
The one who cracks up laughing over your ridiculous jokes that really aren't that funny.
The one who wants to spend every moment by your side, for the rest of your live.
It's really a surreal feeling, isn't it?

And how could I not share our wedding video?!
It kind of becoming a tradition on this blog, as well ;)

Hope you all didn't mind my "hopeless romantic" post ;)
I tend to get caught up in talking about cheesy love things!

Have a perfect evening, friends!


A Perfect Mom's Day!

I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day!
Whether you were celebrating with your Mother, or if you were the Mother being celebrated...I hope it was wonderful.
This Mother's Day was super special to our family, seeing as it was Kylie's first!!
We went over to my parents' house and had a delicious dinner and showered my Mom & Ky with tons of gifts.

My Mom, Ky, and baby Seth.

My Dad! Seeing him with Seth just melts my heart! So sweet.

The Burrowes family on their first Mom's Day.
And I've got something extra sweet & special to share with you!
Kylie and I made this video yesterday.
We've been meaning to do this ever since Seth came home (8 weeks ago!).
We just wanted something to capture the start of their life together as a family.
It really is the sweetest thing.
And Seth...come on, man. Stop being so cute.

They're pretty darn adorable, right?!
I seriously love them all so much.
Matt & Kylie are such amazing parents already.
It's unbelievable how natural it is to them.

Well, I think that's quite the cute-family overload for today ;)
Cheers, friends!


Train Wheels Beating, Wind In My Eyes

Today Tim and I took photos at a train station in town.
Here is a postcard of the original train station, back in 1910.
(We are shooting at the front of the station. Right between the building and the train.)

And here we are at this location, 102 years later!
It's pretty surreal being in a place that has been standing for so long.
When looking for a place to shoot today,
I honestly just googled "train station near Valparaiso" and stumbled upon this old postcard.
I found the address and it was right by our apartment!
(Oh, and I'll be a bit cheesy and share this song. It's so beautiful and I've been listening to it nonstop lately)

Train Song by Feist and Ben Gibbard on Grooveshark

I was so happy with the way these photos turned out! Tim did a wonderful job of capturing the perfect light.
Definitely one of my favorite shoots. Ever.

Do any of you live near an amazing old building filled with history?


A Celebration of Love!

I just got back from Milwaukee this afternoon. Let me tell ya...it was an amazing weekend!
I don't even know where to begin! I probably cried 30 times.
Seeing Krista get married to such an amazing man was so joyous.
There was so much laughter and so many happy tears!
They truly are the perfect match.
Seeing them laugh and interact with each other is so beautiful.
Every time I looked at them they had that perfect dreamy-in-love look in their eyes.
And Kyle's face when Krista walked down the aisle....oh gosh. I'm tearing up now just thinking about it!! So beautiful.

Some beautiful photos by the photographer, Jennifer Brindley: