Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Tim and I caught the sun right before it went down yesterday!
It was a lovely, warm evening so we walked to a field by our apartment and snapped some photos.
I wore my favorite red beanie and one of my favorite sweaters. Both of which I've had since I was 17.
Nostalgia in a outfit? Yep. That would be this one!

Hooray for sunny warm days in February!!
Is everyone having amazing warm weather this winter?! It's pretty amazing.


A Whole Lot of Pink!

Today I thought I'd change it up a bit.
I don't usually do a monochromatic look, but I thought I'd go crazy and do lots of pink hues.
Yep. Like I said...pretty crazy ;)

Oh, and thank you for all the sweet comments for my Mom's birthday!
She's kiiiind of the best. She loved the post & all your sweet words.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and are ready for the ol' Monday grind.
Have a wonderful Sunday night!

ps. I used an 'Attention Circles Tutorial' from the amazing Pugly Pixel for the first graphic.


Birthday Love!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother!
She is the greatest Mom and friend I could ever ask for.
She is such an amazing source of inspiration, fun, joy, and unconditional love.

Tonight we're celebrating how much we love her at my parents' home!
My Dad is cooking up delicous lobster & steak...my Mom's favorites.

I hope you're all having a beautiful evening!
I'm off to eat way too much ;)


A Rainy Day!

Tim & I had a rainy day adventure this afternoon!
We went out to a lovely park near our place.
We were the only people there, which is always fun...especially when taking outfit shots.
Anyone else not a huge fan of people watching you take outfit photos?! I'm not the biggest fan ;)
Anyway! Here are lots & lots of photos from our afternoon.
There were so many pretty spots to discover.

Oh, and my favorite part of this outfit?
This beautiful cardigan I got in the mail yesterday.
I won it through a giveaway on the beautiful Inspirafashion blog!
It's made by an amazing clothing line, Line and Dot.

We found this amazing corner filled with vines.
So great!!

Oh, and here's the jacket I bought Tim for Valentine's Day!

We had a beautiful afternoon.
Who says you have to stay inside when it's raining? Simply not true.

A New Plush Snow Owl Design!

Say hello to the newest member of the Two Happy Hearts Club!
I stitched up this super-soft, cuddly snow owl a couple months ago as a gift for my nephew-to-be.
I absolutely LOVED the way it turned out, and thought it only made sense to make it available on my Two Happy Hearts ETSY.

Do any of you have an etsy shop?
It seems like lots of bloggers have a beautiful etsy shop as well.
Leave me a link! I'd love to add more favorites on etsy ;)


A Sweet, Sweet Baby Shower!

This past Saturday, my Mom & I hosted a baby shower for my twin sister & her husband!
They are expecting their baby boy Mid-March. It's getting so close, we can't believe it!

We decided to throw a shower at Kylie & Matt's beautiful apartment.
It's a beautiful, sunny place with lovely hardwood floors
and plenty of pretty decorations Kylie has put together the past year they've lived there.
We made cupcakes with cute little flags, spinach & feta quiche, mini veggie pizzas,
fruit salad, fresh green salad, and chocolate & raspberry cake!
We played some games, painted some onesies, and took lots of photos!
It was SO much fun getting all of our friends & family together to celebrate the new baby boy who will be here before we know it!

The adorable parents-to-be!

Handmade Onesie Station!

Matt & Kylie decided to have guests fill out these "Wishes For Baby Burrowes" cards.

They took a polaroid of each person who filled one out, and they're going to make a book out of it to show their son one day!
How amazing is that?!

I can't wait to meet my new nephew!
I'm sure I'll post countless pictures of the little guy ;)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Darling, You Send Me

I've had this lovely song in my head all day.
I LOVE Sam Cooke so very much! His voice is so smooth and magical.
It was the perfect soundtrack to our low-key day.

Here are some photos from today!
Tim & I both had a day off, so we ran some errands, cleaned our place up, and had some delicious meals together!

Go on and have a listen to this pretty, pretty song ;)

My favorite details? Yep. You guessed it..
The braided "headband" and my glittery heart brooch.
Let me tell ya...wearing a super bright and glittery heart all day makes everything more beautiful!

Oh, and I've been featured as blogger of the month on the beautiful Time After Tea blog!
Have a look!

Have a lovely evening, friends!