the circus is in town

This is one of my favorite skirts. EVER.
I found it at my favorite Salvation Army store a few years ago.
It was initially pretty long (almost to the floor).
And I'm not really one to sport long skirts...so my twin hemmed it up for me.
I love the length now.
It reminds me of some kind of a circus tent. Which is pretty cool, right?!
I dunno, maybe it's just me ;)

[photos taken by my sis, in my parents' backyard.]

Skirt, boots, hat, eagle pin: thrifted
Sweater: Macy's(!)
Tights: Target

Also, I'm happy to announce the winner of the Ashley Toussant CD giveaway is the adorable Kelly from Elegantly Academic!!
You will be contacted shortly to receive your prize.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Go find an adventure of your own today<3



breakfast is the best!

This morning I woke up at 6 (on my day off, mind you!)
to cook my husband a world-class meal....well, world class in my book anyway.
I found an amazing recipe for 'baked eggs'.
They're kind of like quiche...and super easy to make.

[I originally found this recipe on Food Coma.]

Mini Baked Eggs, makes 4

Needed: 1 sheet of thawed puff pastry, 4 eggs, 1/4 cup milk or cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the puff pastry sheet into 4 even squares. Place the pastry in well-greased mini pie pans. In a bowl whisk together the eggs and milk (or cream, if using). Fill pans with egg mixture, 2/3 full. Fold pastry edges over the top (just pinch them so they stay down as they will have nothing to hold on to). Sprinkle on a bit of salt and pepper.

Place the mini pans on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes until puff pastry looks golden and crispy and the egg mixture has set.

Thai Iced Coffee. One of my faves!
My sister worked at a cafe, and they served this.
She told me the recipe and I made up an 'at home' version.
I used my espresso machine, but you can also use iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, ice, and any creamer you'd like.
I personally love Silk Vanilla Soy.

you'll need: La Lechera, Silk Vanilla Soy, Iced Coffee or 2 shots of espresso

See that layer of white underneath the espresso? that's about how much La Lechera I use.
I never measure. Just layer the bottom with a decent amount.

I had so much fun making this breakfast!
It was really nice to wake up and start the day off in a creative way.
I highly suggest it ;)

Anybody know of good breakfast recipes?
I'm all hyped up to try new things!


the seasons change, and so do i

today i tried out a new "do" from keiko lynn! i love the way it turned out.
it's super easy, too.

[what i wore on a perfect fall day]

owl necklace: SODA by amy, wooden bunny necklace: Bam Bam Creative, c/o Tornadoes & Tigers,
dress: shop in Chicago (cant remember the name!), cardi & earrings: thrifted, boots: Aldo, heart tights: UO.

tomorrow i'm planning a fancy breakfast for me & the hubs.
i'll be taking photos and sharing some yummy recipes tomorrow!
i'll give you a hint: homemade iced coffee & deliciously-cooked eggs...

goodnight, my dear friends.


ps. don't forget to enter the giveaway!!


Music Spotlight - Ashley Brooke Toussant

i've got a super-duper, special surprise in store for you this evening!
a few weeks ago, a lovely lady by the name of Ashley Brooke Toussant (side note: adorable name, right?!)
contacted me about featuring her music on my blog.
after ONE listen, i knew i HAD to share her beautiful tunes.

so take some time to check out these lovely photos & listen to some amazing new music.
because, i don't know about you, but i'm always up for hearing new tunes. especially when they sound like this ;)

images via here's looking at me kid

have a listen!

Head on over to Ashley Brooke Toussant's Bandcamp for some sweet deals that Ashley has been kind enough to share with you guys!

Here are the discount codes:
For a 20% discount, type in "heartsclub"
For a free download of the title track 'sweetheart', type in "twohappyhearts"

AAAANNNDDD....last but not least...she has decided to do a giveaway of her new CD!!
all you have to do is comment below, and a winner will be randomly selected on Saturday, September 24th!

can't wait to declare a winner to a lucky reader!
i hope these lovely tunes have brightened your evening as much as they have brightened mine.

oh, and don't forget to share the love on your own blog!
this girl is sweet as can be and her music deserves to be heard by the world ;)



stone cold fox

my husband tim works at a screenprinting shop, so one of the perks is free shirts!
if they have a 'mess up', they can take them home.
this shirt was apparently messed up...but really, it looks great to me ;)

it has the cuuuuutest fox printed on it.
i'm a sucker for woodland creatures, so i was ecstatic when he brought this home for me.

[autumn is finally here]

[jacket & boots: thrifted, fox shirt: gift <3]

i just discovered this song by Adele.
it's quite a sad 'breaking up', but so beautiful.
it's recorded live. her voice is just incredible.
try to listen to it without getting chills.

i hope you're all having a beautiful saturday!
timothy & i are planning to go out for ice cream tonight.
it's a local shop here in town.
i'll share some photos with you all ;)



renegade craft fair. a fine day in chicago!

i was lucky enough to attend renegade craft fair this weekend.
it's such an incredible show filled with sooo many beautiful vendors.

this is what i wore on a beautiful chicago day:

[my twin, kylie]

and i've been meaning to share some BIG, BIG news..
congratulations to my lovely twin sister who is 13 weeks pregnant!
her and her husband are so stoked.
i can't wait to find out whether it's a boy or a girl. i can't wait to start buying/making baby things!
she is my very best friend. words can't describe how thrilled i was when i found out she was having a little one.
she's due in march, so expect lots & lots of maternity shoots ;)

i. love. her.

ps. i'm featured on Gentri Lee's Blog of the Week! i'm so honored.
she has such an adorable blog that you should most definitely check out!

pps. these photos were the first photoshoot with my new camera! ow ow! be expecting lots more lovely photos AND videos.



fill the sky around with happiness and joy

i got this beautiful peach shirt from red velvet a few months ago.
i love it paired with this striped skirt!
it was such a fun outfit for a pretty summer day.

these photos were taken on friday...only a few days before the big "midwest cool down"
fall has officially started, i think.
there was a downpour on saturday. there's been an amazing chill in the air ever since.
so this might have been my last day to soak up the summer sun...

shirt: red velvet, skirt: thrifted, boots: thrifted, belt: thrifted
[oh, and i just wore my hair in a messy bun with pulled-back bangs. nothing too fancy ;)]

i hope you're all having a splendid labor day today.
i'm spending it with my hubs, sis, and good friend.
we're cooking burgers and kebabs. YUMS!

see you all soon.
i'll be busy dreaming up pretty fall outfits ;)



hello september, i've been waiting for you.

another day of shootin the breeze with my twin!
and have i mentioned this wall is one of my favorites?!
she has filled it with images of things & people she loves.

so, i've been feeling a bit bored with my hair lately.
call it a 'hair rut' if you will.
i've been watching tutorials on vintage styles, and have been experimenting with different looks.
it's been fun...especially since i feel like my hair is the last thing i think about while getting ready.
so it's fun to look up new inspiration for it!

vintage ponytail hairstyle:

i added a sweet hunter gatherer bow.

maybe i'll start posting hair tutorials once i find a few more cute looks ;)

aka: the month that has the first day of fall. soooo let's all jump up and down in celebration.
the end.