i found a flower in the field.

we went and explored a field by our apartment.
we found a beautiful willow tree and an amazing old building.

it was so fun to just relax and shoot the breeze with my husband.
life is so busy and "go, go, go" sometimes....it's good to slow it down and enjoy the little moments.

here's what i wore on our quiet night out:

some photos of my handsome hubs. with a little 'cross process' look:

fun, fun!
it's so nice when the weather is gorgeous. it makes me want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

i hope you're all having a beautiful monday.
i've been trying to work on some crafty things lately.
hopefully i'll get the ball rolling so i can share the fun with you all!

happy monday. i have a feeling there's a beautiful week ahead ;)

ps. the line "i found a flower in the field" is from an avett brothers song called 'the famous flower of manhattan'

i've come to realize it's one of my favorite songs of theirs.


the scents of late summer rose up rich around us

ohhh, what a gorgeous day it was today!
the sun was shining bright and there was a perfect, cool breeze.
it felt like being by the sea.

it's amazing what a beautiful day can do to you.
i felt so wonderfully inspired today.

this is what i wore:

[look at this incredible jacket my friend hadassah found at the thrift store!]

shirt: thrifted, wooden bunny necklace: bam bam creative. won in a giveaway from tornadoes & tigers
skirt & tights: target, boots: thrifted, bag: aldo

oh, and the messy side bun has been my favorite.

i hope you all have a beautiful evening!
the weekend is coming, and it's shaping up to be a beautiful one.



lily & jae

i'm in love with the autumn designs by canadian company lily + jae.
all of these pieces are from their autumn 2010 collection.
[i can't wait to see what they come up with for autumn 2011]

and this video is wonderful.

lily+jae AW10 teaser video from jude feller on Vimeo.

i can't wait for autumn!
it's my personal favorite season...and i know a lot of you readers feel the same way ;)

so, here's to autumn! may it come swiftly.



come with me, to the sea of love.

some photos from yesterday!
kylie & i had such a beautiful afternoon.
we've been bff's for song long, we've kinda become pros at doing nothing and having a great time.
that's the best part of a bff, right?

this is what i wore on a "super chill" kinda day.

shirt: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, leggings: gift from my mom, crotchet peter pan collar: people webs

[i love my twin.]

oh, and i watched Juno again today.
i haven't seen it in years....it's still so great!
and that soundtrack is superb!! one of my faves.
it's amazing how a soundtrack can make a movie even greater.

even though i don't have full weekends off, fridays make me happy.
it seems like everyone is in a better mood on friday.

i hope you all have a beautiful


**oh, and i'm featured on Honey & Thread's 'Friendly Friday' today! eeeek. such a cute blog.


August Lookbook : Free People

i recently stumbled upon the lovely Alyssa Rude tumblr.
turns out, she's a manager of Free People in Chicago.
she has tons of lovely images to share...
so i thought i'd share some with you!

[the new fall set-up at FP: vintage woods. i think i should head into Chicago to see it in person!]

all images via Alyssa Rude.

oh, and a little "free people shoot in Venice" video. just for fun.
has anybody else always wanted to go to venice?

Free People - August in Venice from FreePeople on Vimeo.

have a beautiful thursday!
i'm spending the day with my sis (which seems to be my favorite thing to do lately!)

i'm planning a super-fun "my favorite Chicago spots" post soon.
i'd just love to go into Chicago and take all my own photos for the post.
so i'm waiting 'til i can get some quality photos for you all!

cj (christen jean.)


we could ring out like mission bells

i meant to post these photos before i left for california, but i just ran out of time!
so here they are, now that i'm back home.

i wore this comfy dress on the 4 hour flight out to oakland, ca.
it was super easy to travel in!
soft + stretchy = perrrrfect airplane dress.

we found this lovely little garden the evening before i left.
it's by a park near our place.
isn't it just the cutest?

[and of course you have to take a little sweater along!]

dress: free people (borrowed from my sister), tights: target, boots: marshalls, scarf: thrifted, bag: aldo, sweater: deliahs

[timothy. my little lion man. really, he's yawning ;)]

[what i packed. i usually overpack. so i decided to set out my outfits this time!]

[my mom, me, and my twin at bonnie raitt. i've got more photos from california on the way!]

[oh, and we went to a cowboys & indian (housewarming) party before i left. thought i'd show you our costumes!]

now i'm back in indiana.
my sister and i get to spend the afternoon together today!
we've been watching master chef on netflix. kind of addicting ;)

oh, and my sister Kylie showed me this video the other day.
i love the song, and the video is gorgeous!
i mean, they're both just so cute to watch!
give it a look/listen:
"mission bells" by armistice.

have a beautiful thursday, friends!

love you(s).