Hound: Chicago-Based Beauty

[hound] via [but, honestly]

i stumbled upon Hound's 2010 Fall Collection a few months ago, but i was silly and didn't bookmark it!
so i completely forgot the name of the company.
but, lucky for me, i came across them yet again via but, honestly
it's great to have such beauty based so close to home (chicago is only 45 minutes from me).

and how incredibly gorgeous is their summer collection?
it's making me swoon. and it's making me appreciate this hot weather even more.
soon enough we'll be buried under snow!

looking at these images makes me realize how much i truly love summer.
and, quite honestly, i love every season change we get here (although winter could be a bit shorter!).

i hope you found as much beauty in these photos as i did!

timothy and i are off to go grocery shopping...not one of my favorite things to do ;)
but we're going to treat ourselves to sushi and dark chocolate.
so all is well!

love you(s).


i see your true colors, and thats why i love you.

listening: Coeur de Pirate - "True Colors (cover)"

i felt like dressing down a bit yesterday.
i love wearing dress and skirts (so much!), but a girl needs a break sometimes.
so i donned my (faux) leather leggings, harley davidson shirt, and combat boots.
i spent the day sitting at a coffee shop, walking my pup Casey, and having an evening in with my hubs.

i've got to take some outfit shots before the sun goes down today though!
i'm pretty in love with what i'm wearing, and i want to share it will you all.
so i'm off to soak up the last rays of the sunshine with an evening stroll.

love you(s),


Music Spotlight - Natalia Lafourcade

hello darling friends! i'm enjoying a day off today.
most of my morning has been spent sitting at the coffee shop my sister works at.
does anyone else tend to get cabin fever if you're home all day?
i thought it would be nice to get out of the house and blog from the cafe today.

today i've got a little music spotlight for you...
natalia lafourcade is an adorable singer/songwriter from mexico.
i discovered her music when my friend wendy showed me her take away show from la blogotheque.
they have videos called take away shows. they film artists at interesting locations all around the world.
some of my favorites (besides natalia) include: Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, and First Aid Kit.
if you've got some spare time, you could lose yourself in these amazing videos.

anyway! back to the oh so adorable Natalia.
not, this whole video is perfection....but i particularly love the first song, Ella Es Bonita (translates to She is Beautiful.)
i mean, how adorable is she?! running while playing guitar, laughing as she loses her breath when she first starts singing, hopping around on those little yellow things...CUTE!

ps. her boots are wonderful.

i always appreciate musician when they have pretty photoshoots
i love these of natalia:

i hope you all enjoyed this little snippet of musical beauty!
it sure brightened my day a bit.

have a lovely Thursday, friends!


sunshine and strawberry skies

my sister took these photos yesterday.
we spent the afternoon together at her apartment.
she and her husband have a lovely place with lots of windows and light.

i wore this perfect slip from Free People.
my sister and i had a nice little date that consisted of good chats, coffee, tea, and some fun sewing.
living close to her is one of my favorite things at the moment.
i don't know where life will take us,
but for now i'm so thankful i can ride my bike to her apartment so we can spend an afternoon together.

slip: Free People, oxfords: thrifted, scarf: thrifted

i hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
enjoy every last bit of it on this beautiful sunday evening.


out there havin' fun in the warm indiana sun.

here are some photos from the other night.
we went for a walk around dusk.
which, by the way, is my absolute favorite time of day.

i wore a simple, comfy outfit.
i kind of laughed at this shirt when i first found it,
but soon realized that i actually loved it!
i don't know if that happens to anyone else,
but it happens to me quite a bit for some reason!

then i realized that it reminds me of a shirt that i had when i was about 6.
my twin sister noticed the first time she saw me wearing it.
it's funny how i subconsciously loved it because of a shirt i had when i was younger.
strange, right?

oh, and casey was there being cute as ever.

shirt: thrifted, tunic: american apparel, tights: target, shoes: thrifted, clutch: thrifted, rings: romwe

today i get to hang out with my sister.
we both have a day off together, which is rare these days!

happy thursday, friends!

love you(s),


a little summery DIY skirt

a few days ago, i found a fun idea on the Free People Blog.
one of the girls turned an oversized, button-down shirt into a skirt!
and the best part? there's NO SEWING INVOLVED.
it's just a clever little trick to style a shirt two ways.


*to turn it into a skirt: button shirt halfway (starting from the bottom), step in, tie sleeves around waist.

i thought this was such a fun idea.
i find so many oversized shirts at thrift stores, and after a while i can't find a reason to buy any more!
but now that i know this little trick, i've got an excuse to buy more ;)

if any of you end up trying this, take some photos and leave me a link!
i'd love to see different variations.

i hope everyone is having a happy saturday!


Film Photography

i took a couple rolls of film recently.
it's one of my favorite things to do.
i love how i kind of forget what photos i've taken until see the film developed.

here are some of my faves:



[being home]

[photo by my sister]

[new couch. it makes me smile.]

have a lovely friday, my dear friends.
today i've got some little errands to run (does anyone else feel too grown up "running errands"?!)
and i've got a coffee date with a friend this afternoon.
then tim & i might have a friday night date in chicago.

we'll just see where the wind blows us.