Cornerstone Festival: I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

okay, so let me tell you about one of my favorite places on earth.
it's a music festival in illinois, called Cornerstone.
i've been going since 2004, and i've loved every. single. year.

timothy and i leave earrrly tomorrow morning to embark on my 8th year (his 4th) to "Cstone".
we're taking the 4 1/2 hour journey to Bushnell, Illinois.
in the middle of beautiful golden cornfields
red and white tents are set up with music blaring from everywhere.
everywhere you look there are people laughing, playing games, promoting their band,
romping around, riding bikes, having picnics, putting on impromtu shows on the side of the dirt paths.
needless to say, it is the greatest.

here are some lovely images from the festival:

image by my sister.

image by Matthew Avignone

(source unknown)

image by Bliss Katherine

i hope you all have a lovely weekend!
i'm very excited for the adventurous weekend that lies ahead of me.

i'll be back on Monday!

oh, and Happy 4th!
go set of some amazing fireworks and have a cookout with loved ones.

love you(s),


romping around in a little red romper

happy saturday!
i hope you all had a lovely day.

we rode our bikes around town this afternoon.
we stopped to take these photos by the railroad tracks,
then we visited my sister at the coffee shop she works at.

i wore this fun romper.
i just bought it the other day,
so this was my first adventure in it.
i'm kinda in love.

oh, and i heard this cover of "Let My Love Open the Door" by M. Ward today at work.
it's such an amazing song, and i adore M. Ward's voice.
so....it's perfect ;)
have a listen while you browse:

(a fun little snapshot. you can sorta see tim's bike behind me. isn't it the cutest?!)

(found this neat trailer along the way...)

(romper: thrifted, hat: charlotte russe, kitty ring: romwe, necklaces: thrifted and found, socks & sunglasses: delias, wedges: aldo)

have a super fun evening, everyone.
timothy and i are having a quiet night in.
we had friends staying with us for the past couple weeks.
they just left this morning, so we're trying to figure out what to do without them!
we got so used to having game nights every night.

oh well. i think we'll cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.
sounds good, right?

love you(s),


Colorado & St. Louis - Lots & Lots O' Photos

so, i've been a busy, busy bee the last few days.
some friends from New Zealand have been staying with us this past week
and it's been a BLAST!
we've had tons of fun showing them our little part of the world.

so, in the midst of all the business, i'm popping in to share some photos of mine & tim's recent trips!

are you ready for some Colorado & St. Louis beauty?!
i hope so. because here it is!

we celebrated a beautiful year of marriage in the mountains of colorado.
we went on this real-life steam train. it was gorgeous!

and then we had a quick weekend trip to St. Louis.
i did a craft show down there (Craft-O-Matic, to be exact.)
we made a little detour to Springfield to visit the amazing Red Velvet shop!
what a dreamy little place it is, to say the least.

sorry for lots & lots of photos!
well, actually...i don't know why i'd apologize..
aren't photos your very favorite part of blog-reading?!

anyway, i hope you all had a beautiful father's day!

happy monday ;)




i wore this outfit the other day.
i found this amazing sweater at a boutique in St. Louis.
it's from Wildfox Couture.

i went to the grocery store in this outfit, and had a funny moment.
i'm sure most of you have experienced "outfit comment" moments (especially if you live in a small-ish town like i do)
i was walking past the bread aisle when a lady stopped me and exclaimed, "the 80s are back in style!!"
my response was, "haha...well, at least in my world...for sure!"
it was kind of funny.

do any of you have silly/awkward/funny "outfit comment" stories?
i sure hope so. i'd love to have some laughs over them!

outfit details"
sweater - Wildfox
skirt - borrowed
tights - Target
shoes - Aldo

i loved wearing this. it's so comfy.
and the weather has been so hot/cold lately...it's nice to have a cozy sweater handy for chilly evening bonfires.

now i'm off to shoot the breeze for the rest of the day.
i worked this morning (actually, still sitting at work with my friend Alayna!),
so i'm ready for a relaxing evening off.

i hope everyone is having a perfect tuesday.
mine has been pretty fantastic so far.


ps. you look lovely today, i'm sure.
pps. i was featured on The 18th Edition of 'Hello, Blogosphere'. Pretty fun. Check it out ;)