what a lovely trip we're having!

just popping in to say a quick hello!
tim & i are having such a lovely time in colorado.
we celebrated our first anniversary on sunday.
we decided to start this little tradition...
to take a photo like this, and eventually we'll have portraits from each year!

i surprised tim with a private showing of our wedding video.
i set it up in a tiny one-screen theatre in a nearby town.
it was so magical!
the owner made us mimosas, and let us have the theatre all to ourselves.
(and here's what we watched...our sweet little wedding video!)

Peters Wedding // Tim + Christen from AleaLovely on Vimeo.

we're staying in my family's cabin in a town called silverthorne.
it's a beautiful town in the mountains.

(beautiful mountains everywhere!!)

we've been doing some super fun things.
yesterday we went white-water rafting (something i've always wanted to try!)
it was so much fun.
tim & i were the only ones crazy enough to raft on such a cold day.
but the company sent us out with SIX instructors!
they all just loved being on the river so much,
they jumped at the opportunity to go with us...so fun ;)

and today we took a breathtaking trip on a steam train.
it was quite amazing.

i hope you're all having a lovely week as well!
i have lots more photos to share once we're home.



you walked into the room just like the sun

hello friends! i must say i've been quite busy lately.
lots of hours at work AND a secret project that me and some of my besties are working on.
i'll let you know the details in the next few months...
let's just say it's gonna be great!!

here are a few photos from yesterday that my sister snapped.
this is my favorite wall in her apartment.
she and her husband just moved into a beautiful place.
the building was built in 1908, and it has SO many historic features.

headband: H&M, sweater: Calvin Klein, shorts: Delia's, tights: Target, boots: Aldo

i just bought these tights a few days ago.
i've been searching for some nice floral tights, and these fit my criteria.
ALTHOUGH....3 hours after wearing them, my sister noticed a hole in them.
dang it. tights & i just don't get along sometimes!

well, my dear blog friends...
have a lovely, lovely tuesday.
my day will be spent making crafts (i have a new project that i'm going to share soon!),
visiting my sister at her coffee shop for lunch, and spending time with some friends tonight.

life is beautiful, even when my silly little state of Indiana can't make up it's mind.
it doesn't know whether it's summer or winter! sillyness.
oh well. it gives me an excuse to wear this little hoodie a little while longer ;)



lay your head on our mountain bed.

in honor of our upcoming trip to colorado for our 1 year anniversary,
i decided to share some super-duper lovely photos of colorado, and the beautiful mountains there.
(okay, so not ALL these photos are technically from colorado!)

i lived in california for the first 6 years of my life,
so when i'm by the ocean or mountains, i feel so content.
it's like going home.

so, needless to say, i'm over-the-moon excited about seeing these beautiful sights on our trip.

i mean, don't get me wrong, indiana is wonderful in some ways (friends, family, community).
but come on, you can't beat living near beauty like this.

you should also listen to this song.
my sister showed it to me.
it's billy bragg and wilco, off an album of them covering unreleased woodie guthrie songs.
it's so beautiful. basically a long poem set to lovely music.
(the music starts about 7 seconds in.)
it's about 6 and a half minutes, but soooo worth it!

something about colorado always makes me think of native americans.
(and yes, i think headdresses are the coolest!)

images via we heart it.

our trip is just a few weeks away now!
and i'm seriously thinking about buying some native american headdresses for us.

how fun would it be to do a one year anniversary photoshoot wearing some of these beauties?!

have a lovely wednesday everyone!
i'm off to spend time with my sister and celebrate a belated mother's day with my lovely mom this evening.

love you all!



you are darling, my dear.

my honey & i took a walk through the forest the other day.
i wore a pretty red scarf, a striped shirt, and a fun hair-do.

i think i want to start doing fun things with my hair.
it was nice to have a decent bit of variety!

tim & i are taking swing dancing lessons.
this particular day was the first of the lessons,
and my outfit was super fun to dance in. just in case you wondered ;)

i tried this new 'do'. it involved some teezing, lots of hairspray, and a few bobby pins.
it only took about 15 minutes.
it turned out to be a fun variety!

fun times!

tim & i have some friends over from new zealand.
they're in town for today, then heading out for germany tomorrow.
they'll be there for 5 weeks! how fun, right?!

i'm soooo itching to travel.
i want to go to europe, canada, australia and (of course) new zealand again!

have a super lovely saturday.
yay for the weekend!!



my film photography collection

i was recently inspired by a post from Steffys Pros and Cons to share some of my lomography collection.
over the years, my sister and i have become quite engulfed in collecting vintage cameras.

this is our most recent collection:

as you can tell, we love experimenting with film.
there's something so magical about it that digital photos can't touch.
i know there are lots of apps and photoshop effects that mimick the vintage look,
but nothing can compare to real film photographs.

here are some of my fave's from the past few years!


35mm film cameras:



i love them so much!
and it's so fun to not know what the photos will look like until they're developed.

like the last photo was a self-portrait i look about 4 years ago.
i initially wanted to get totally different shot.
i framed the shot (i thought i at least included my entire jacket!), snapped the photo,
and watched as a suuuuper close up of my face started to emerge.
initally, i was kind of annoyed that i had to try it again.
but as the photo developed more, i realized how wonderful it looked!
and it's now my all-time favorite self portrait.

so, there you have it.
there are some things that can only be done with film.

ps. our wedding was featured on "Wedding Chicks"!!! Eeeeek! I'm so excited about this. Even though it's almost a year after our wedding, I finally thought to submitted our wedding to a blog - and we made the cut!! Hip hip hooray!

ch-ch-check it out, friends!

have a glorious tuesday!