oh, the joy of climbin' trees.

okay. let's be serious.
who doesn't like climbling trees?!
it's been one of my favorite things ever since i was a kid.
it's magical, to say the least.

a couple days ago, tim & i explored gardens where we got married (awww!)
all the flowers were blooming pure perfection.

and the trees were just right for climbing!
(although i realized how tough it is to climb a tree properly while wearing tights! eeek!)

perfect blooms:

hat: charlotte russe, harley shirt: vintage, flannel: thrifted, leather pouch necklace: the lost dog,
skeleton key necklace: antique shop, feather earrings: homemade, tights: urban outfitters, boots: thrifted, purse: aldo, shorts: thrifted

it's work, work, work for me today!
but i love being busy, so i'm not complaining ;)

cheers & have a happy, happy wednesday!

ps. i came across a lovely quote on the Free People Blog.
"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

-Bill Cunningham
Bill is a street style photographer in New York. He's got a documentary out that i'd LOVE to see sometime.



a sweet, rainy day

why, hello there friends!
i'm popping in quickly while on my lunch break to share some photos.
i wore this the other day. tim & i were having a relaxing day,
and i felt like dressing up a bit.

i bought these heels a few years ago because i just LOVED them.
they're so feminine and pretty...how could i not snatch them up?!
i paired them with these sweet heart tights i scored from urban for a mere $5! nice.

dress: free people, polka dot shirt: thrifted, tights: urban outfitters, shoes: macy's

alrighty, i'd best be heading back to work.
my break is juuuuust about over!

i hope you're all having a lovely monday <3 xoxo!


i suppose we're turnin' heads on the street, darling

last weekend, Tim & I were strolling around Wicker Park in Chicago
when a cute, vintagey girl stopped and asked if she could take our photo.
turns out she runs a Chicago Street Fashion Blog, and wanted to feature us!
she adored my circus-like skirt especially.

NBD (no big deal.)

our date outfits:

Timothy was lookin' mighty fine as well, if I do say so myself.
i found the tie for him for a mere $1.
we kinda dressed up for our special date day, and I suppose it paid off!

see the full post at: Chicago Street Fashion Blog

anywoo, I'm spending the evening working on new crafts.
I went to Michael's and stocked up on lots of fun supplies.
stay tuned for fun, crafty photos ;)

have a glorious evening.
I think I'll stop in and visit my twin at her cafe tonight.
I have a craving for a sweet smoothie called the "nutty monkey"
yep, it's as fun as it sounds.



garden tea party

this afternoon i got all dolled up for my darling friend Charity's bridal shower.
the girls had a 'Garden Tea Party' theme.
that meant lots of pretty dresses, hats, and gloves...
and lots & lots of yummy tea, coffee, and chocolate treats.
sound like a dreamworld?
well, it was.

here's what i wore for the oh-so-special occasion!

headband: H&M, flower: Claire's, cardi: thrifted, dress: bluebird (from a shop in Chicago), tights: Urban, shoes: Target, purse: Aldo

i sure do love dressin' up.
it's one of my faves!

ps. some friends of mine had a conversation about slang and shortening words.
my one friend and i shorten words all the time (i.e. fave, delish, convo, 'tude..)
my other friend finds it annoying.
anyone else love making up fun, little, new words like that?!

anywhoo (hehe. another fun word)... have a fabulous evening.
tim & i have dinner, dessert, and possible coffee plans on the menu tonight

love you(s).



workspace inspiration

just popping in to share some pretty amazing sewing rooms i've been drooling over.
tim & i are lucky enough to have a spare room at our place,
but we haven't taken much time to really decorate it.

so i've been searching around for inspiration.
i came across these beauties!

via A Beautiful Mess.

via Apartment Therapy

how pretty is this?!

via flickr

it never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be.
it's so inspiring to see these spaces!
maybe i'll have some lovely photos of my own room to share with you in the coming months.

but i'm off to actually make the most of my day today!

tim & i are planning a trip into chicago tomorrow.
an all day affair!
i can't remember the last time we spent an entire day together, just shootin' the breeze.
it should be bliss.

happy friday!!



let's paint the town red

some friends and i headed to Chicago the other night to see a band called phosphorescent.
fun little story about the happenings of the day:

i was working with my wonderful friends alayna & jasmine the other day.
we work at a starbucks in a fairly small town.
as you can imagine, we see the same ol' people who order the same ol' drinks almost every day.
now, don't get me wrong...we have some amazingly sweet "usuals"
BUT, it gets a bit boring to do the same thing every day.
so, naturally, when a van full of interesting-looking guys pull up,
we get a little giddy inside.
i like to think we live vicariously through their stories of travels and adventures.

so, long story short. or short story long, maybe ;)
my friend alayna finds out they're in a band called phosphorescent (who she loves).
so she ends up chatting with them and gets three free tickets to their show that night!
so me, tim, alayna and jasmine hopped on board for a real-life chicago adventure that evening.

here's one of my favorite songs of theirs.
it's so beautiful if you've got about 4 minutes to spare!

it was a wonderful show with my perfect little friends ;)

so here's what i wore to the show.
a fun little red scarf (turban tie inspired by A Beautiful Mess), my oxfords with rolled up jeans, and a bunch of my favorite brooches.
i've come to realize that i can't get enough of brooches!

(eeep! sorry it's a bit blurry!)

rolled up pants are my new faves. thanks the my darling friend ashton and her love for a band called the drums.

scarf:thrifted, blazer:thrifted, sweater:thrifted, striped tunic: thrifted, "jeggings": target,
oxfords: thrifted, brooches: mix of antique & thrifted

thanks for reading about my silly little adventures.
i love you all, but i must head off to work now!

have a super happy thursday!