what a day for a daydream

i got this dress from my friend wendy back in high school.
i can't remember if we were doing a clothing swap, or if she just gave it to us.
but somehow my sister and i aquired this true vintage piece from wen's grandma!

i can imagine she was the prettiest, sweetest little thing back in the day.
especially if her wardrobe was this adorable!
i have so much fun when i wear this.
it literally screams SPRING.
well, not litterally...you know what i mean ;)

dress: vintage, cardigan: thrifted, tights: kohls, boots: gift, belt: anthro, purse:thrifted

four years ago, when we first got the dress from wen:

these last two photos are so nostalgic for me.
they make me think of the "good ol' days"
when i had nothing better to do than put flowers in my hair and spend time with my closest friends.
they also make me think of summer...and how it's right around the corner!!

well i'm off to get my day started.
casey is staring at me like "mom. seriously. take me out."
so, i'd better oblige.

have a lovely, lovely thursday.
the weekend is almost here!



she's got the sun on her back, throwing caution to the wind

happy, happy sunday!
i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

these photos are from yesterday, which was fun.
we took a semi-long walk with casey.
it's one of my favorite parts of the day...
getting to walk around, get some fresh air, and chat about our days.

pretty, frilly top - cotton on, new zealand
red skirt - thrifted (it used to be all the way down to the floor!)
sweater - deliahs
tights - kohls
shoes - thrifted (via target, i believe)
black hat (in last photo) - can't remember

and my adorable husband. twirling casey's poo around. ohhhh, boys ;)

today, on my way to work, i really wanted to listen to some NEW music.
i scrolled around all the artists on my ipod,
and realized i haven't had new music in a little while! UNACCEPTABLE, right?!
so after work i met up with my sister and got some sweet tunes from her.

some of the artists i'm stoked about getting into:
1. camera obscura
2. band of horses
3. jenny and johnny (jenny lewis and her boyfriend!)
4. the black keys

maybe i'm way behind on getting into these bands.
i've at least heard of all of them....cut me some slack ;)
but i'm excited to be getting into them.

i plan on lying in the sun on the floor of my apartment,
and listening to each record straight through.
that's my favorite way to hear an album!

anyway, tim & i have got some serious grocery shopping to do.
we were about to start our list when i said "can i just post on my blog really quick?!"
he agreed, of course.
little does he know i'm just procrastinating. hard core ;)

have a wonderful evening, friends!



piece of the puzzle, and you're my missing part

good afternoon, everyone!
hopefully you're all having a nice tuesday.
i'm just popping in to share a fun little outfit.

i wore this yesterday.
the warmer weather is so exciting!
it means i get to wear fun clothes i haven't touched in months!

i'm really loving this crotchet shirt.
i bought it a few weeks ago.
i'll have to stop myself from wearing it every single day this summer.

hat - charlotte russe
crotchet top - deliahs
striped top - thrifted
white jacket - target
tights - target
boots - aldo
purse - aldo
necklace - thrifted

tim & i are trying to plan a weekend trip for next month.
we're looking into lakeside towns in michigan.

(i just wanna stay wherever this is!)
image via we heart it.

we're planning on going to colorado for our one year anniversary,
which is exactly TWO MONTHS from today!
but we both need a mini-vacation before that.
so we're thinking either michigan or wisconsin.
if anyway knows of any fun/cute towns - let me know!
i've only found a couple so far...so i'd love to have more options.

have a wonderful evening.



how we sat on the backs of our cars, and laughed until the morning.

my sister and i got a chance to get together and have a little photoshoot.
we always used to go out and photograph each other.
it was one of our favorite things to do.
but since we've gotten married, we haven't had so much time with each other (even though we live in the same town! come on, right?!)

but here are some images of her.
she's so adorable. i'm allowed to say that, even though she's my twin ;)

we just had so much fun.
it felt like we were 17 again.

i've got a whole series of her throwing leaves that's really fun,
but i'll wait to post those.

tim & i are having a mini-road trip tonight.
we're having dinner with some friends for a birthday celebration.

oh, and happy friday!
hopefully there a some fun weekend plans ahead for everyone.


horses running free, carrying you and me

tim & i got to take a fun little walk together yesterday afternoon.
we walked casey around the block and enjoyed the fresh air and (slightly) warmer weather.
i was definitely a bit chilly, but it was worth it not to wear a coat!

we had a fun time romping around with our pup.
running and whistling and chatting the day away!

i found this shirt the other day while we were shopping at H&M.
i literally GASPED when i saw it...haha
but luckily nobody was around to see my overreaction over a piece of clothing.
but come onnnn....it's so amazing!
i mean, black & grey horses running free?!
doesn't get much better.

i paired it with a flannel shirt i've had for a few years.
it felt a bit sloppy and baggy,
so i tied a fun little knot in the back ;)

hat - charlotte russe
earrings - H&M (brand new!)
eagle brooch - antique shop
ring - claires
flannel shirt - thrifted
horse shirt - H&M
white lace dress - free people
tights - kohls
shoes - antique shop

and of course casey was being oh-so-patient while we did our little photoshoot.

have a wonderful day!
if you're working today - don't work too hard.
if you're not working today - live it up! enjoy a lovely day off.

as for me, i have the day off.
so i'll be sewing up little creatures.
hopefully i'll have something to show for it by the end of the day ;)