you're the back-and-forth sway of the hammock all day.

this weekend has been so much fun!
some friends were in town, and spent the whole day with us yesterday.
we went to chicago and saw my dad play with his jazz band.
then we shopped around, had coffee, and yummy food.

i wore one of my favorite shirts. i got it from urban outfitters a few years ago.

today's outfit: audrey.

i was actually inspired by one of my cousins who lives in california. she is the picture-perfect "California Girl". she has long, pretty blonde locks and surfs all the time. she always has the perfectly sun-kissed brown skin, too. so this is the kind of outfit to wear a bathing suit under...so whenever you see a pretty, deserted beach you can go swimming. then after a full-on day of swimming, go out for mint chocolate chip ice cream with your love.

yeah, maybe i'm pretending like it's summer a bit too much ;)

hair clips - claires
shirt - urban outfitters
skirt - shop in new zealand
socks - deliahs
boots - aldo
sweater - marshalls

i love doing all these fun things with my hair lately, too!
it just adds to wearing fun clothes ;)

it's raining cats & dogs right now!
it actually just started hailing too....craziness!

tim & i just had a beautiful lunch date with about 10 of our friends this afternoon,
followed by a quaint coffee date with a couple other friends.
so now it's time for a chill night at home.
and this rain is the perfect excuse to stay inside ;)

happy sunday! have a fun day :)



crafter spotlight - SG Print Shoppe

let us be free.

while browsing around etsy, i stumbled upon the beautiful photographs of SG Print Shoppe.
now, maybe it's my slight obsession with horses talking...but these prints are oh so incredible!


seeing these images just makes me so happy.
it also makes me want to live in some cute rural home with mountains and horses everywhere.

tonight, tim & i are planning to get coffee with friends.
we're long-overdue for some chats & laughs.
and tomorrow we've got the day off together!
we're going into chicago to see my dad play trumpet with his jazz group.
then we're heading to wicker park for some shopping and snacking.

ps. i've got a new and beauuuutiful project in the works for my shop!
i can't wait to share once it's finished :D

ps. they will never cease to melt my heart.

happy friday!


pretty, dreamy clotheslines.

build me a home inside your heart.

i've been wanting to do a photoshoot inspired by clotheslines for aaaages now.
once it gets warmer, i want to take my sister and her husband out to a field somewhere at dusk, and let the dreaminess begin!

some photos for inspiration...

images via we heart it.

that would be so beautiful, right?!
i've been dreaming of it for a while now.

i want the lighting and scenery to be like this.
these were engagement photos of my sister when we were in new zealand.
we just went out one evening with our film camera to the local park, jumped over a little fence,
and snapped some photos to celebrate their recent engagement.

photos by me.

i can't wait to start this project!
since indiana won't break away from these sub-zero temps, i think i've got a little while to go.
in the meantime, i'll probably start collecting pretty white fabric.
maybe some lace and embroidered details for the sun to catch!

ohhhh, i can't wait!!
come onnnn indiana. bring on spring!



someone to laugh with, to joke with, to drink coke with.

bye, bye birdie.

my lady friends and i watched bye, bye birdie last night.
it's a musical from the 60s, and it was actually super cute!
you know how sometimes movies from the 60s have kinda hard-to-follow plots?
well, this one has so many fun stories going on at once...it keeps it interesting.

not to mention the super cheesy & fun song and dance parts!

so, i guess today's outfit is inspired by the pretty vintage things from the movie.
conrad birdie was actually a guy in the movie.
he was actually kind of a big creeper!
the story was that he was a big rock n' roll star (all the girls loved him),
and he was drafted. so his managers chose ONE lucky girl to give him 'one last kiss'
before he left for war.
it's a cute story. i'd recommend it if you haven't seen it already.
but definitely watch it with girl friends...it's a lot more fun that way ;)

ps. "someone to laugh with, to joke with, to drink coke with" was one of my favorite lines from a song in the movie! such a cute line, right?!

today's outfit : birdie.

she is 100% pretty-girl-vintage. most of her shirts are covered with floral patterns - all of some kind of pink-ish hue. she loves getting all dolled up and going out for shakes and bottles of coke. she and her boyfriend share strawberry milkshakes through striped, multi-colored straws. she drives a 1964 VW Beetle (pink, of course) and loves going to plays and musicals and ballets. she is one classy gal!

hair bow - hunter gatherer
white cardigan - thrifted
pretty pink sweater - thrifted
high waisted shorts - some random store in new zealand (cant remember the name!)
tights - kohls
boots - macys (i think!)
gold watch necklace - antique store
brooches - antique store
earrings - christmas pressie

fun fact about today: i wore hair spray for the first time in yearrrrs (well, besides my wedding day).
i realized i hadn't actually "done" my hair in ages,
and thought it would be fun to do something different with it.
it actually feels really nice to have it all pulled back and out of my face...
and topped off with the cutest little floral bow!
my friend Gem from new zealand makes so many cute things (check out her etsy!)

tonight tim & i are going grocery shopping (ew!),
then having dinner with one of my besties, krista.
i haven't seen her in a while, so we're long overdue for some catch-up chatting.

yay for best friends living in the same town!!
have a wonderful evening. do something fun :)


she knows which birds are singing in the morning.

oh, lovely day.

that's right! today has been beauuuuutiful.
just give me some sunshine, and i'm happy the rest of the day.
the was a slight chill in the air, but still! the sun makes everything beautiful.

i drank a lovely iced soy mocha at work this morning.
you have no idea how exciting it is to have iced drinks again! :D

okay, okay. i'm done being overly-excited about a 40-something degree day.
i can just feel spring getting closer and closer...

today's outfit : roxy.

she has grown up around music. her parents both played guitar, and constantly played music throughout the house. she learned how to play drums when she was 10. she always has a beat in her head and drums her fingers all day. she has toured the country with her boyfriend's band. she goes to all his shows and dances and sings along all night. she loves rock & roll, but still adores flowers and lace.

headband - claires
faux leather jacket - walmart (miley cirus! hehe)
sweater - thrifted (one of my finds from yesterday!)
black skirt - thrifted
tights - kohls
boots - aldo
purse - aldo

i'm spending some time with friends tonight.
it's a much-needed 'girls night'
tim is out of town today. he's in kentucky playing with our friends' band, red umbrella.
but he'll be back at around 2:30 AM! craziness!
i'll be fast, fast asleep by the time he arrives.

well, i should take casey out.
he's giving me that "come onnnnn...i have to go out now!!" look.



love like a story.

happy, happy friday!

i got a chance to go thrifting today, and it was so wonderful!
the racks were choc-full of amazing treasures.
like most thrift-lovers, i adore the idea of finding something that hasn't been worn in ages, and make it pretty and alive again.
today i found quite a few of those soon-to-be-pretties.

shirt - thrifted
gray tank - cotton on
lace skirt - thrifted
moccasins - thrifted
necklace - thrifted

today's outfit name : cherokee.
(yes, im still on my francesca lia block kick!)

she is wild and free. she runs through the forest barefoot and climbs trees along the way. she makes friends with all the woodland creatures. she drives her 1965 mustang down to the sea and sits for hours. her maple-skinned honey is her best friend. she paints and braids her hair nearly everyday. she is alive. she is free.

(do you see casey creepin' in on this one?! such a silly boy.)

eeekk!! i love new (old) clothes.
i'll definitely be sharing my newest treasures over the next couple days.
tonight my honey & i are making dinner and possibly going out for after-dinner-coffee! yums.

happy presidents day weekend! hopefully some of you have long weekends :)

okay, okay. it's not that warm tonight.
i threw on some extra things in order to stay cozy outdoors.
i added...

red hat - thrifted
leggings - kohls
brown boots - thrifted

i also tucked in my shirt for a more high-waisted skirt look.
i actually prefer it this way! it shows off more of the skirt's prettiness!!

alrighty, time for that after-dinner-coffee-date! yay!