what SHE wore - red coat wonder.

my lovely sister and i went out on a coffee date this afternoon.
she's been in new jersey for the past few days,
so we were overdue for a twin date.

i just had to snap some photos of her. she looked too cute!!

she just bought this amazing red coat.
it looks so gorgeous on her.

red coat - urban outfitters
striped shirt - we the free
boots - aldo
belt - thrifted
jeans - levi

alsooooo.....i started creating little owls with fun feathers!
i'm stoked to have a new design.
i love the way they turned out.
i also found some gorgeous lace & pearl ribbon for the lady.

i like to think she's wearing a fancy little necklace.
and he's looking quite sharp with his tophat ;)

tonight will consist of a basketball game, some chicken stir-fry, and possibly a movie.
northwest indiana is supposed to get nailed with snow over the next few days.
so, i might have some cozy days inside this week!
i'm not complaining about that ;)



what i wore - polka dots & (nearly) knee high socks.

yay for lovely sunday mornings!
my honey & i got to have a bit of a sleep-in. AND we got to have breakfast together.
both of which are rare in our home.

the other day, i found this adorable polka dot shirt/dress.
technically it's a shirt. i found it in the plus size section.
that's one of my things to do! turning plus size shirts into tunics & dresses.

shirt - thrifted
hat - urban outfitters
black tunic - american apparel
sweater - marshalls
tights - target
socks - deliahs

here's the polka-dot masterpiece in all her glory:

and yes. nearly knee-high socks.
i haven't quite worked up the courage to pull them all the way up yet!

have a beautiful sunday!



what i wore - perfection in a sweater.

i've been searching high & low for a cozy, thick-knit sweater for winter.
and i hit the jackpot at the thrift store a few days ago!

i found this gem, and i've worn it everday since.
(i also found this pretty mustard-colored cardigan.)

love, love, LOVE this outfit right now!
it's so wonderful.

tonight, tim & i are having a real-life date night!
somehow we haven't seen much of each other lately.
too much work does that i suppose.
but we're thinking...dinner at home (currently baking some chicken!), a movie, and possibly out to dessert somewhere.

it should be a perfect little evening.



three owl friends to swap & love!

i woke up at 4:30 this morning to take my sister & brother-in-law to the airport.
they're flying off to visit friends in new jersey for a few days.

so, i'm back home for a quick second...
then heading off to chicago again today for work.
busy day ahead. true story.

but i thought i'd pop in and show you 3 beautiful ladies i've been working on.
they're meant to be 'swappies'. you & your two besties can swap them around.
remember friendship bracelets/necklaces?
kind of the same idea - only in plush owl form!

they all have pretty lace & pearl headbands...

they'll be in my shop as soon as i get a chance to post them.

but, i've gotta shoot off for now!
have a lovely thursday <3 <3 xo, christen


what i wore - this is me pretending like it's not freezing outside.

there may be subzero temperatures outside,
but i felt like pretending today!

i threw on this little dress i bought on my honeymoon in santa barbara.
it's super colorful & it makes me smile.

i also wore my slippers though..

our paws.

crazy icicles outside our window..

i have the day off today.
i'm looking forward to relaxing & getting some sewing done.
i'm working on little owl "girl bffs".
they're looking pretty adorable.
they'll be on sale in my shop soon!

now onto more sewing.



just a bit of sillyness, really.

so, the below-mentioned eight month anniversary date was smashing.
it was great to get out and relax for an evening.

silly little photo we snapped just before we left.

today is a mini 'what i wore'
i found these glasses hidden in my room.
yes, i'm a faker. i don't really wear glasses.
but these are super fun.

like i said, just a bit of sillyness.
i'm also loving this fur scarf at the moment!
it's pretty wonderful.

i'm having dinner with my sister, her husband, and best friend tonight.
tim has gone under the weather again this evening...
so he'll be resting up at home with our pup casey.

kind of the cutest thing ever, i know!



what i wore. saturdays are full of love.

thank goodness for saturdays!
my husband is home. we're not feeling so sick anymore.
aaaaaand.....it's our eight month anniversary!

eight months since our wonderful wedding.
tonight we're treating ourselves to dinner (and probably splurging on some epic dessert!) to celebrate.

and for our special date night?
i found this fun white & navy blue skirt to wear!

skirt - thrifted
blouse - free people
legwarmers - urban outfitters
belt - thrifted

buuuut, since it's so chilly outside...i'm gonna wear cozy legwarmers tonight ;)

we're leaving for dinner in a bit. i'm gonna try to get some owls sewn before then!



what i wore - on a super chilly day.

so, apparently today has one of the coldest day we've had in a long time.
schools were delayed 2 hours because of it!

but i was able to warm up with some hot chocolate & coffee this morning,
followed by a much-needed afternoon nap.

today i wore some cozy white socks, fancy tights, leopard-print blouse/dress, and the coziest jacket ever!

i found this leopard-print blouse in the plus size section of the thrift store! it used to have crazy sequins all over it. sounds pretty, right? not so much. they were the super cheesy kind of sequins. but i removed them, and now i'm in love with it.

socks - gift
tights - vera wang
grey tunic - urban outfitters
blouse - thrifted
cozy jacket - free people

i also snapped some photos of my craft room. it's still in progress, but i'm loving the way it's coming along.

the end! hope you're all staying nice & warm wherever you are.



Crafter Spotlight - Irena Sophia

today's crafter spotlight is inspired by a gift that my twin gave me last night.

it was an adorable postcard-size print of this piece..

we had both seen this print years ago, and fell in love with it.
we never bought it or wrote down the information,
so it seemed like a lost cause to try & find it again.

but, somehow, kylie was able to track it down!!

irena sophia hails from Croatia.
her style is so unique and quirky.
i just love it!

some other examples of her work..

this is one of my favorites. it's called foxy girl.

i love this one too. duh.

take a peek at her etsy for more wonderful artwork!

i'm feeling a bit sick today.
today consisted of working from about 9-12 this morning, coming home for lunch...
but actually feeling terrible and passing out 'til about 5.

image via we heart it.

i think this would be the perfect remedy.
a little fort built around me & lots of tea to feel better.
and probably a bit of chocolate as well ;)

but in actuality, tonight will probably consist of soup & a movie with my husband.
which also sounds good to me!