Crafter Spotlight - 1 Canoe 2

1 Canoe 2

i absolutely ADORE today's crafter.
my husband bought me something from her shop for christmas,
and it is so terribly adorable...

it's a pop-up home.

isn't it just so darling?! i love it.

i also love a series of US State prints she's been doing.

and my personal favorite, indiana!

see what i mean?
gorgeous artwork!

here's a link to her cute little etsy site: 1 Canoe 2

i hope you guys enjoy looking at her things as much as i do!

have a lovely, lovely evening.


the crafts that kept me busy during christmas...

now that i've officially given out ALL my gifts this year,
i can post photos of them!

here's a group shot of the ones i gave to my family:

why yes, that IS a raccoon peeking out from the back row!
my husband wanted one so badly.
so i surprised him for christmas :)

i also stitched up a darling little penguin couple for my dear friends krista & kyle.

i loved sharing my creatures with my friends & family this year.
such a joy!
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas.

now off to make dinner...
have a magical evening.

ps. i've got a sweet crafter spotlight planned for tomorrow ;)



a beautiful, white christmas.

this christmas has been so incredible!
there's snow on the ground, lots of food to eat, and plenty of family to spend time with.

but i thought i'd just pop in to wish everyone a very merry christmas.

also, i wanted to share something with you...
i sewed these little guys up and gave them to tim for christmas....

"year 1"

i'm gonna try to make it a tradition to make a set every year :)
although it'll be funny after 25 years when we have 50 creatures on the tree!! hehe

anyway, have a magical christmas!
i'm off to eat more treats & spend more time with my family.



merry christmas from me & my hubby

it's only a few days 'til christmas, and i KNOW i'm gonna be super busy..
so i thought i'd stop in and post some christmas photos & wish everyone a merry christmas.

these are some shots we took a few weeks ago.
they were holiday shots for Studio This Is.

have a happy holiday <3 drink lots of hot chocolate, eat lots of treats, and spend lots of time with loved ones! xoxo, christen


Crafter Spotlight - Gingiber Snap

today's crafter spotlight is the amazing GingiberSnap.
i am inspired to share after my darling twin sister gave me one of her handmade calendars for christmas!

it looks like this...

needless to say, i'm completely and absolutely in love with it!
i can't wait to hang it up for the new year.

i've got some work to do, but i'll leave you with some more of her creations!

visit her etsy!

have a lovely day everyone.



Music Spotlight - Tegan & Sara

today's music spotlight is fun. just plain fun.
i know a lot of people who LOVE tegan & sara...and some people who don't.

but it's hard to argue the fact that this is THE perfect song to drive around town,
blasting with the windows down. preferably with your best friends.

my twin showed me this video after she saw them live.
she said they were amazing!
and a little secret... my sister was not a fan before she saw them live.

so, whether you love them or hate them...
it's hard to deny that this song is FUN!


holiday craziness!

yep. i've officially stepped into the world of holiday craziness.
between two jobs, a husband, a dog, christmas-time crafting, and christmas shopping...
life is busy to say the least!

PLUS, northwest indiana is currently under a whole bunch of snow!
a winter wonderland, for sure ;)

so, my plans for today?

i've got big plans for my holiday gifts this year.
think: handmade (and hand-stamped!) gift tags, brown craft paper, pretty ribbon, and POSSIBLY candy canes!

(image via we heart it.)

they're going to be beautiful!
i also need to buy or make a christmas tree skirt one of these days.
it's crazy that christmas is only a couple short weeks away!!

alright, i'm off to sew and wrap pressies!


christmas tree

we ventured out with my family and cut down our own christmas tree a few days ago.
my favorite holiday tradition!

perfect. just perfect.


Crafter Spotlight : SODA by Amy

i discovered this lovely lady's work while browsing Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this past September.
her stuff is beyond gorgeous!
i'm mainly in love with her entire clay collection...

here is a preview and link to her etsy shop..

so beautiful!

my husband bought my this little gem for my birthday last month..
, et

(i'm actually wearing this necklace today!)

there you have it.
a wonderful lady with some amazing creativity.
i'm actually going to see her at Renegade Holiday Sale this weekend!
maybe i'll pick up some gifties for loved ones.

have a happy thursday everyone!


why, hello december.

i can hardly believe it's december 1st!
november just flew by.
but i love everything about december...including the snow.
which, by the way, today is the first day it's snowed since mid-november!
how perfect to celebrate the first day of december, right?!
i loved waking up and seeing snow out my window.

(image via we heart it.)
so magical.

so, i have a few little things to share..

i have some more owlies in my shop!
i think they are such darling little cuties..

stop by the shop.
i've got a couple owlies posted there right now.
hopefully i'll be able to post some more this week..

i love making them so much.
i still need to make a couple for OUR christmas tree!
i just wish i had time between working so much!
someday i'll have more spare time to crafting the day away :)

have a happy day!
enjoy the first day of this lovely, cheerful month.

(image via we heart it.)