Crafter Spotlight - Hunter Gatherer

after walking around the craft show on saturday, i realized what an amazing crafting community is out there.
i decided to start doing 'crafter spotlights', along with music spotlights!
i think it'll be fun AND a good excuse to do my research on the wonderful world of crafters.

so, first on my list is my dear friend Gem.
i met Gem while in New Zealand.
we were traveling with our husband's bands...
so, naturally, a friendship bloomed!

she and her husband nate are currently residing in New Zealand.
first off, take a peak at how adorable these two are:

here are some of the lovelies they create & sell:

have a look at all their wonderful creations!
also, check out their blog:

{hunter gatherer}


DIY Trunk Show Recap

it was my first time doing this particular show, and what a wonderful experience it was!
it was a lovely day in Chicago, which made for a decent amount of shoppers.
my husband was kind enough to spend the day at the show with me as well.

some shots of my set-up:
(i love the way it turned out!)
my sister and i shared a booth..

it went SO well!
i sold a ton of owls :)
it was amazing to see people's reactions.
i loved how little girls lit up when they looked at them...
and how older ladies ACTED like little girls when they saw them.
needless to say, i enjoyed every second of it.

i also made a new friend!
she, also, makes plushies!
she was 3 booths down from me & we totally hit if off...
check out her stuff...

Mary Wells Design.

and i have just a couple more owls and ornaments left over!
they make wonderful gifts for the holidays...
and there is ONE more set of ornaments for your darling christmas tree...

Two Happy Hearts!

the end!
have a lovely night <3 xo, christen


(almost) a million reasons why i love anthropologie.

i just had the urge to post some images of Anthropologie.
i've only been to two stores, once in Chicago and once in Boston.
but both times i loved EVERY second of being in the store.
every detail is thought out. the decorations are creative and gorgeous.

window displays:

indoor displays:

can i just live in a place like this, please?!
so amazing.

on a real-life note...
tonight will consist of crafting...surprise, surprise ;)
but the show is a mere TWO days away!
although i do love nights of hot chocolate, crafts, and husband time <3 xoxo, christen


sew-sew-sewing away!

my newest endeavor for the holiday season?

owl ornaments!

i've made 3 different couples so far,
and i'm loooooving the way they're turning out!

it's so fun to sew little mini owls...they're just so adorable.
here are a few photos of the newest members of the Two Happy Hearts collection!

goodness, i love them!
i'm (obviously) going to keep some for my christmas tree...
since it'll be my first ever christmas as a wife!
gotta keep the craftiness spirit going all-year-round.

hope everyone is having a happy november!
somehow it's still in the high 50s here in indiana...
and it kind of feels like a miracle.

christen jean


veteran's day. photographs my grandfather took in the war.

my aunt recently found these photos that my grandfather took while he was in the war in germany.

the troops' homecoming "welcome" at boston harbor.

how beautiful are these photos?!
my grandpa went to be a professional photographer.
such an amazing man!

i hope you're all having a wonderful holiday today!
i'll be working most of the day, then meeting with my twin tonight about the DIY Trunk Show coming up next saturday!
eeeekkk...i'm getting nervous!

anyway, have a lovely day!



Music Spotlight - The Honey Trees

today's music spotlight is The Honey Trees.
they are a wonderful band from california.

such an adorable couple making lovely music!
just look at the photos & watch the video.

you'll fall in love too

an incredibly beautiful video...

what a fun music spotlight this week, right?!
i kinda love them and wanted to share with all of you :)

ALSO... i, unfortunately, did NOT win the Free People gift card :/
but i appreciate all the support & votes from everyone!
better luck next time i suppose.
i'll win something amazing someday!

OH! some exciting news!
i've been sewing little owl christmas ornaments!!
oh my goodness, they are so cute!
our internet has been sketchy lately, so i'll be posting photos once we get things sorted out.
buuuuut....they're kind of incredible and they would make a beautiful addition to any christmas tree.

happy monday everyone!


good, old-fashion birthday fun!

my 22nd birthday was the day before halloween..and my husband treated me to some incredible surprises!

first on the list? horseback riding!

like most young ladies, i have a crazy obsession with horses.
they are so beautiful!!
some of our friends own a couple, so tim took me to their farm and we rode the morning away!

then we explored a little shack on the side of the road.
it's been ages since i've had a fun photoshoot.
and this little shack was perrrrfect!!

and he, of course, baked me a cake from scratch!
carrot cake. one of my favorites ;)

it was also my twin's birthday (duh!).

it's kind of really fun sharing your birthday with your best friend.

the end!
needless to say, it was a perfect day.
it was my first birthday being married and my husband did an incredible job of making me feel super special.

yay for birthdays!

other than that, my days have been filled with working, sewing & spending time with friends.
which reminds me!
my CRAFT SHOW is coming up in 18 days!
eeeekkk!! i'm a bit nervous, but excited to showcase my owlies for the first time ever.

wish me luck!
and come see me if you're in Chicago on November 20th!