paper lanterns & fairy lights!

the other night, i surprised tim with paper lanterns & fairy lights.
he was at work, and i had gotten home pretty early.
so i cooked dinner & decorated our living room and kitchen.
it looked so beauuuutiful!

it was so much fun!
that was about 3 days ago...at the lanterns & lights are still hanging!
they're just too adorable to take down ;)

i'm still doing really well with my Free People Fall Collection Contest.
I'm number three right now.
buuuut, i'm pretty sure the top voted collection MIGHT be cheating.
don't want to judge....but there have been issues with fake voting!
so, i'm trying to win this thing fair & square!.

if you haven't voted yet, please do so here.
just click 'i want it'.
(and thanks so much to everyone who's voted already! i greatly appreciate it!)

well, tonight is the perfect fall night.
so go find your love and drink hot chocolate and get all snuggled up!


A Competition - And I Need Your Help!

hello all!
i have recently entered a contest with Free People.
i created my perfect little fall outfit.
i am currently NUMBER TWO in popularity!
how exciting is that?!

the prize is a $200 gift card.
$200 to spend at my absolute favorite store.
AND...my birthday is just TWO days before the contest ends.
what a lovely birthday pressie that would make.

so, all i'm asking you to do is vote here.

some items i included:

since i have never won ANY contest in my life...this would be incredible!
i'm only about 20 votes away from being number ONE
i would greatly appreciate it.

look & vote here.


Music Spotlight - Langhorne Slim

woah, sorry it's such a late post today!
it's been a crazy-busy day today.

but this week's music spotlight is: Langhorne Slim

i've been listening to Langhorne Slim for a couple years now, and his music never ceases to impress me.
i love his unique tone, beautiful instrumentation, and his postive & happy lyrics keep me coming back for more.

his music is perfect for fall days with the windows down and the leaves changing.
i suggest getting his record, and going on a long drive somewhere...just to listen to the entire record straight-through.

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

“Yeah well, whether you feel like dancing and singing or not dancing and singing, just not worrying about what other people are thinking is cool, being true to yourself.” -Langhorne Slim

on that note, goodnight my friends.


fall is for making music.

fall is finally settling in.
the leaves are changing and everyone is walking around with scarves and jackets and boots on.

it feels wonderful.

my sister and i have been so inspired to write and record music again.
it always seems to happen in the fall.
maybe because it's the most inspirational season for us.
or maybe it's because it's starting to get too chilly to be outdoors.
who knows!

all i know is that we've got a guitar, a banjo, and random percussion instruments.
and we're ready to go.
i also want to get a mandolin. and she wants to get one of those "little" taylor guitars.

images via we heart it.

we'll see what happens in the coming months.
i might be posting some music we've created!

hello fall. i love you.
(here's a little peak at my new dress from Free People!)


buzzing from boston.

just got back from boston early this morning.
we saw The Avett Brothers last night.
what an INCREDIBLE show.
it's the 6th time i've seen them, but this time was the best.

the energy, the passion, the love in the air.
it was unbelievable.

the show was incredible, but the reason i'm "buzzing" is because we ran into them on the street the morning of the show!!
we were just walking around, checking out the neighborhood....and there they were.

it sounds strange that i would be excited to see just two normal people walking down the street.
but these boys' songs have sung me through the good times & the bad times in my life for the past 6 years or so.
and meeting them and chatting and finding out how sweet and genuine they are makes me love them even more.

of course we got a photo ;)

so incredible. we told them we were from chicago & traveled there to see them for our birthday.
they said, "well, we know who we're playing for tonight"
my sister and i like to believe the show was our birthday present from them...
sounds cheesy, but it made the show THAT much better :D

and the rest of our time in boston was wonderful as well!
we were only there for 1 full day, but we did a whole lot.

(sorry for the image quality. i left my nice camera's battery at home!)

what a trip!
i highly suggest seeing boston.
and i even more highly suggest seeing the avett brothers live.


Music Spotlight - Maria Taylor

happy sunday everybody!
i adore sundays.
my husband and i get to spend the entire day together!

today's music spotlight is actually happening on sunday :)

and today i'm featuring one of my long-loved favorites: Maria Taylor.

her voice is just incredible. period.
i always said that if i could sing like anyone, it would be her.
her tone is beautiful and pure.

a few of my favorites by her:

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

there you have it!
a lovely playlist for your sunday afternoon, if i do say so myself.
have a wonderful sunday. i hope yours will be as wonderful as mine <3


fall is officially my favorite.

i got my october Free People catalog in the mail yesterday, and it seriously got me excited for fall!

here are some of my favorites:

this year, i'll probably live in tights, sweaters, and boots.

oh, and i will leave you will one of my favorite wedding photos:
(i waited four months for the photos, i might as well share them as much as possible, right?!)

have a wonderful day and enjoy this PERFECT weather!



i've decided to post TWO couples on my ETSY.
i'm just getting so anxious to sell a couple. i can't wait around for the craft show!

follow this link and shop away, my friends!

hope everyone is enjoying the lovely fall weather.
i know i am!


Music Spotlight - Ascend the Hill

today's music spotlight is an incredible worship band, Ascend the Hill.
these guys are amazing musicians, with an incredible heart for worship.

i met them last year when i was on tour.
they are incredibly genuine guys, which makes their worship even more wonderful.

just press play & enjoy these amazing songs!

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

that's all for today.
tim & i are enjoying an evening with friends.
burgers, bonfires, cozy sweaters, apple cider. the perfect fall evening!