Our Wedding Photos

we just got our wedding photos back this afternoon!
they are certainly worth the wait...

they turned out amazing.
Parker captured the essence of the day so well.
the lights, the atmosphere, the emotions caught in time.
such an incredible talent.

i love taking a journey back to the happiest day ever.
may 22nd, 2010.

here are a few.
(i'm thinking i might just keep posting my favorites over the next few weeks!)

i'll start off with some 'getting ready' shots:

that'll be all for now! i'll definitely post more over the next few weeks.

but if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, you can see my entire (beautiful!) wedding here.

needless to say, i LOVE them all so much!


introducing: my first ever owl family!

you heard right!
i made my first little family of owlies!

they turned out so wonderful!
i made them for a mom who's baby is due any day now.
the mom has pretty pink eyes, the dad has green, and the baby has baby blues. (of course!)

here they are:

i am so terribly busy, but i love finding time to relax & craft these guys.
i'm so looking forward to the coming months of crafting!


more little lovelies!

i've made two new couples!
they are darling.

i found some amazing fabric stashed away my old 'wedding stuff' box.
i used the pretty pink floral fabric as a table cloth for our head table.
i didn't use the orange material at our wedding,
but it's just plain cute!

here they are folks:

(i've started stitching full floral patterns on their backs!)

my little orange couple. they are quirky & fun:

i love them! they are beautiful.

my next stitching endeavor?
i've gotten a request for a hubby & wifey & a little baby boy.
it'll be so adorable!


the crafting continues!

i've been sewing like crazy every chance i get!
lunch breaks seem to be my main crafting opportunity.

here are the little lovelies i've been able to sew over the past week:

i love them! they all turned out so beautifully.
the one boy wearing orange doesn't have a wife QUITE yet.
i just made him today.

but i'm really excited for the craft show coming up in November.
i'm not sure if i'm going to sell these little ones on my etsy, or save them for the craft show.

i'm just excited to be making these little happy hearts!


makin' a house. makin' a home.

it's been about 3 months since we moved into our little apartment.
i love it here.
i love the moment i step inside and feel at home.
i love knowing all the little quirks...

like how to shut the door to the bathroom to where it actually closes (haha. true story!),
and where to turn the knob on the shower for the perfect temperature,
and where to throw Casey's ball into the kitchen so that it bounces back at me in the living room,
and how loud the TV needs to be for the perfect movie-watching volume.

all these little things make it feel like home.
and the fact that the love of my life is here with me.

speaking of my husband...he make us a pot rack!

i found an old fence on the side of the road.
i loaded a couple slats into my car, knowing we'd use them for something.
my husband saw the wood an immediately came up with this idea:

i love it so much!
it's perfect for our quaint little kitchen.

here's a snapshot of tim & casey from a few weeks ago.
the two leading men in my life:

side note: today was perfet.
9-5 at work.
coffee with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law,
making dinner now,
waiting for my lovely friends to come over for a movie night.
and i'm pretty sure ice cream is on the menu later on.

see what i mean? perfect.


Music Spotlight - Mumford & Sons

today's music spotlight: Mumford & Sons.

now, there's been a lot of hype around this band amongst my friends.
i've only heard a bit of them,
but i'm loving them so far.

this song makes me pretty happy.
i mean, come on...mandolin, accordion, banjo, tambourine powered by a bass drum pedal!
creative & quirky. and they're actually great musicians.

this is my favorite little video:

yep. it's kind of really great.

also, i've been stiching little owls like crazy!
i'll update soon with photos of the boys & girls i've been creating.
they are looking really adorable.


tomorrow : renegade craft fair.

yes! it's finally here again.
this will be my fourth year attending the renegade craft fair - chicago.
it's such a wonderful time!

i think i'm going to finally splurge on something this year.
hopefully it's a nice day for it, since it's outside in the middle of a street!
it should be a beautiful fall day tomorrow. since today was kinda beautiful.

yay! i can't wait for tomorrow. full of craftiness & best friends.

side note:
i'm waiting for my hair to be this length again..

(this was about 3 years ago. before i chopped it off!)
i might even sew feathers & beads & thread in again.

yes, yes. craftiness, best friends, good life, lovely husband, and long hair!
life is good, my friends.


Music Spotlight - Horse Feathers

i didn't get a chance to post an artist on Sunday, so i will share one with you today!

my good friend Krista told me about them.
she kept hearing their song "thistled spring" on the radio and LOVED it.
she thought it was andrew bird, so she searched & searched for the song.
then FINALLY the radio host mentioned the band's name.
thus, our discovery of this wonderful band!

here is a little playlist for you...
(ps. i think this is a lovely record for perfectly chilly fall days.)

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

hope you enjoy :)
i'm off to enjoy some lunch, then get back to work.


to sell or not to sell?

i finished my first plushie couple this morning!
their names are henry & elsie.

they met years ago. it was love at first sight.
they've been together ever since.

i love them.

i sewed them up in order to sell them.
but i am quickly second-guessing myself.
i know i'm going to make plenty more to sell on etsy.
i think i would miss them if i sold my first ones!

we'll see.
you might be able to snag them up on my etsy (as soon as i make one!)

rest assured, i'll be crafting up plenty of these lovely little babies.
my twin and i are doing a craft show in chicago on november 20th!
she'll be selling her adorable onesies, and i'll be selling my plushies.

what a wonderful life of a crafter ;)


photographs from our last beach day.

last week we officially had our last day at the beach.
the weather is starting to cool down, which i don't mind at all.

but for now, here is my official goodbye to summer...

what a lovely day that was.

but let's be honest, who's not ready for some hot apple cider & changing leaves?


hello, fall. you are lovely.

september, i love you!
it feels like fall outside.
i grabbed my new gray sweater RIGHT when i got home from work this afternoon.
it's been the first time since we moved in that it's comfortable to wear a sweater inside.
it's wonderful.

i shot a roll of film over the past few days.
i love the way the photos turned out.
i'm pretty sure this film camera is my favorite.

some self portraits:

and my lovely pup Casey:

yes. we are home.
(it doesn't get better than home, now does it?)

hope everybody is having a lovely day.
and i hope it feels like fall where you are too.