the first 'happy heart'

for the past 6 months, i've been meaning to set aside some time for crafting.
i have a dream of sewing little creature couples.
yes, like boyfriend & girlfriend bunnies.
and husband & wife owls.
and even little penguins who are 'just friends'

last night i started up on the endeavor again.
i went to Michael's, stocked up on supplies, and set to work.
my pup Casey & i snuggled up on the couch together (Tim was helping some friends pack up)
and i hand-stiched this little guy:

his is an owl who wears a top hat. he is in love with a girl who doesn't quite exist yet ;)
i haven't picked out a name for him.

soon enough, i'll start up an etsy and start selling little creatures in love!
yes, hence the name 'two happy hearts' :)


Sunday Tunes - Emilana Torrini

Emiliana Torrini is a lovely gal that I discovered a few years back.
i always loved her voice, but never really looked into her music a whole lot.

but last year, when i was in New Zealand, i bought her CD.
let me tell you...if you want to fall in love with a record, listen to it while driving around a magical country.

that's how i fell in love with Emiliana.

this is a fun, quirky song that you should probably try to sing along to:

her tunes make my heart happy and bring me back to a wonderful time in my life..


slowly saying goodbye to summer.

it has been cooling down the past couple days.
as much as i complain about hot, humid days, i know i'll miss glorious days of going to the beach and driving around in bella with the top down.

(on our way to a party last week.)

i love the way the air feels as the seasons are changing though.
right now there's heat in the air, but the slight cool breeze is teasing us with the wonders of the new season.
it's beautiful.

but let's be honest.
everybody loves a perfect fall day...

images via we heart it.

today will consist of work, hangout time with timothy,
then a going away party tonight.
some dear friends of ours are moving to nashville next week.
shaping up to be a lovely day.


sunday tunes.

i think i'm going to start sharing music on here once a week.
and i think sundays are a good day to do it.
sundays are the days i get to kick back & relax!

so, i think i need to start off solid with my music choice.
today i'm starting of with

The Avett Brothers

"The songs are honest: just chords with real voices singing real melodies. But, the heart and the energy with which they are sung, is really why people are talking, and why so many sing along. They are a reality in a world of entertainment built with smoke and mirrors, and when they play, the common man can break the mirrors and blow the smoke away, so that all that's left behind is the unwavering beauty of the songs. That's the commotion, that's the celebration..."

something about their music just makes me happy.
today is the perfect day to cruise around with the windows down, blasting their music.


enjoying the simple, everyday things.

life can get super crazy sometimes.
like, non-stop, 10 million things on my list kind of days.

don't get me wrong...i hate boring days!
i hate just sitting around, doing nothing.
but sometimes life becomes a whirlwind that i seem to get caught up in.

life is great though.
i'm enjoying these busy days of making coffee &
editing pictures & helping with photoshoots.

but i just want to slow down and remind myself of ONE simple, everyday thing i should always, always appreciate.

and what is that thing?
*drumroll please*
my lovely gem-of-a-husband!

(this was actually taken the day after we got married!)

(on our honeymoon, in california)

he is my best friend.
he loves me, even on bad days.
he makes amazing dinners, complete with dessert!
he makes me feel like i'm home.

sorry for the cheesiness, but sometimes it does my heart good to be cheesy.
i think it does everyone's heart good to be cheesy & nostalgic.

i hope everyone is having a lovely day.
the weather is kinda gorgeous here in indiana.


just a quick update.

i had the past two days off & spent them with my husband.
we had breakfast & coffee together, played with our pup Casey,
sang & danced in our apartment, made dinners together, spent time with friends.

needless to say, i adore days off.

but today is back to the weekly grind of editing pictures,
and tomorrow will be my first day back at Starbucks in FIVE days!
it felt like a vacation :)

okay, the reason for this post is this:
i found another photo from our wedding day!
tim & i are anxiously awaiting Parker's photos.
but i stumbled upon this one on his blog!

this was just before the ceremony.
that mirror belonged to my grandmother.

i'm in love with all his wedding photos so far.
can't wait to see the rest <3

hope you're all having a lovely, lovely day!


my love letter to new zealand.

once upon a time i found a boy.
and that boy was from a place.
and that place was the loveliest place these eyes have seen.

that 12 hour flight over the pacific was like a dream.
when i first laid my eyes on it from 10,000 feet in the air
i felt like i was looking down at neverland.

and stepping onto it's soil and swimming in it's sea
was nothing short of magical.

it is the most beautiful place i've ever seen.
every turn is a new adventure.
and every cliff or tree is a new way to dive into the sea.