for the love of summer!

today has been quite a lovely day in indiana.
the sun has been shining all day, and there's been a more-than-usual chill in the air.

some things that i have absolutely LOVED about this summer:

driving around in my '74 beetle with the top down.

drinking some delicious drinks at work.

enjoying my new(!!!) job.
here's a shoot they did at macy's a little while back.

Macy's Chicago Photo Shoot from Studio This Is - Jason Monroe on Vimeo.

(i just started editing photos & assisting on shoots)

all images via we heart it.

indiana summers are glorious <3


two months.

i can't believe it's already been two months since our wedding.
i feel like it was just yesterday that i had lists & lists of things to do....
and little projects constantly going.

it was such a perfect day.
and the past two months have been just as perfect.
everyday, i think about how absolutely blessed i am to have found tim.
he is perfect for me.

linda & i were just talking about him at work this morning.
she said, "he has such a sweet spirit about him"
and oh, how true that is!
i love him so much.

and yes. if you have a spare twelve minutes...watch this.
it's my favorite thing ever!

(our wedding)
i suggest watching it fullscreen ;)

Peters Wedding // Tim + Christen from AleaLovely on Vimeo.

happy two months!
i can't wait for the rest of our lives <3


home is wherever i'm with you.

my honey and i have been having a splendid time settling down, making a home.
we've spent countless hours dreaming up decoration ideas...
and even more hours figuring out HOW & WHERE to put things!

it's been such a rewarding experience.

this week...we hung things on the walls!
no more super dull, super white walls!

oh! my darling pup moved in with us a couple days ago
my parents have been graciously taking care of him while we've settled in.
he is one of my best friends.
it really feels like home now that he's here.

things have been great lately!
i've been working at a photo sudio here in downtown Valparaiso.
i'll be editing pictures and helping with photoshoots.
I'm so very excited to get into something creative.

God is good and He is doing some amazing things!


unpacking, decorating, and hanging out at cornerstone.

so we've officially been in our apartment for two weeks now.
we had one week to get unpacked & set up, then it was off to cornerstone music festival!

some shots of our home:

the kitchen:

our living room:

our bedroom:

we got both of these mirrors for free!

cornerstone music festival:

my mom & hubby:

our quaint little campsite:

my, my twin, and my husband:

it was a lovely time.
this was my 7th year, and it might have been one of the best years yet!
i love seeing old friends, making new ones, discovering new music & seeing what God has been doing!

life is wonderful.
God is so great.
my best friend from Wisconsin just moved into town....
the adventurous possibilities are endless!

i love life right now.