finally. a couch!

yes, my friends, it's official.
my husband and i bought our very first couch.

now, some friends gave us a couch when we first moved in..
but, alas! it wouldn't fit through our door.
so we spent the past week searching for the perfect little one.

and man did we strike gold!

it's a two-seater loveseat that my husband found at a store called Thrifty & Chic here in Valparaiso.
i don't know much about it's history, but it seems old & really well made.

yay for new couches that make an apartment feel like home!


nesting & making a home.

we are still in our "wedded bliss" stage.
things are wonderful and so very exciting right now.

we moved into our very own apartment four days ago.
my husband has been amazing at unpacking everything!
i come home from work and more & more things are being put in their rightful place.

i haven't had a chance to edit photos yet,
but i'll post some adorable little ideas that i've been daydreaming of for our little nest:

lovely curtain tie-backs:

these are my next endeavor.
i can't quite afford them, but i can try to make them!
hopefully they turn out lovely.

as soon as we get settled & decorated, i'll post some photos.

let me just say...i love being married. and i love nesting.


Oh, Dreamy Wedding Photos.

man, oh man.
Parker Young sent us a sneak peak of our wedding photos.
and let me tell you....we're drooling over them!
they are so beautiful.

here are some of the dreamy photographs:

many more (full-quality) photos found HERE.

i want to live that day over, and over again.
it was such a beautiful time of love & laughs & being surrounded by loved ones.
all celebrating your love for each other!

what an incredible feeling.


what a wonderful life.

man, oh man.
the past few weeks have been pure bliss.

the wedding has come and gone.
so has the honeymoon.

and let me tell you...
everything was PERFECT.

if there was a word that was better than "perfect", i'd use that word.

some photos from the wedding day:
(these are friends' snapshots. Parker's photos are still in the works.)

and we got our wedding video back!!
what an amazing job Alea did.
(turn up your speakers & watch it on full screen!)

Peters Wedding // Tim + Christen from AleaLovely on Vimeo.

i loved that day.
it was more than i could have ever planned or dreamed or imagined.
i got to commit my life to the man of my dreams,
with all of my friends and family by my side.
what a dream it was!

like i said, Parker's photos will be finished in a short while.
i'll share them, of course!

our next step: making our apartment a home.