blog browsing....

i found some of our engagement photos that a girl had turned into polaroids!

yep, i came across these cute pictures on a girl's blog.

i kinda think they look darling, but maybe i'm biased ;)

so, we're going to be married in 9 days!
tim's family is flying over from new zealand on sunday morning.
it's been a year since we've seen them!!

things are happening.
things are exciting.
this is one of my greatest adventures.


rehearsal dinner invites. done. finally.

yep, TWO weeks until my wedding!

last night i was sitting at a cafe, waiting for my sister to get off work.
i decided to work on the rehearsal dinner invitation.
about an hour and a half later, it was finished!

i love the way it turned out.

i scanned page from a vintage book that Tim got me for Christmas this year.
the book is called "love is a special way of feeling"
it's adorable....
i took the scanned page and placed the script around it.

we're going to have a BBQ-style dinner at my parents' house.
both our dads are big on grilling, so they'll have some nice bonding time over the BBQ.

we are so excited to have all our close friends & family together.
his parents & my parents have never actually met, seeing as they live in different countries!
it's very exciting that it's all coming together so quickly!


what it's all about.

i'm getting married in exactly 3 weeks.
i'm 21 years old.
a lot of people say, "you're way too young to get married!"
but i know God's timing is perfect. and i know this is my time to commit my life to timothy.

i was browsing around blogs today when i found the sweet couple on Jose Villa's Blog.
they are mary and leo, and they've been married for 60 years.

the true, genuine love displayed between them is incredible.
it's what i hope & dream is in our future.

wow, right?
so incredible!

it's 21 days. exactly 3 weeks!
people are flying over from new zealand soon.
the first one arrives NEXT sunday!

ps. i created a new playlist. it's some songs we're playing at the wedding.