oh, starbucks.

i opened this morning..
which means i had to get up at 4:30 this morning to be to work by 5.
i swear i couldn't make it through these early mornings without my amazing workmates.

they are fabulous & fantastic (and i don't use those words lightly!)

and a random picture of me & my honey.
we came through the drive-thru on my lunch break :)

26 SHORT DAYS until the wedding!!


one month 'til the wedding!

goodness gracious, it's april 22nd.
i remember thinking, "it's gonna be crazy when the wedding is one month away!"
yep, that day is today.

things are coming together very smoothly.
all the big things are in place...
the ceremony & reception sites, the food, the flowers, the dress, the decorations.
it's just putting everything together now!
i'm so very excited for the coming weeks.

last week, i got something very special in the mail.
i ordered a bouquet charm from ETSY.
it's a two-sided pendant.
both sets of my grandparents are on each side.
all of my grandparents have since passed away.
it's sad that none of them will get to be at my wedding,
but it's so special to remember them this way.

grandma & grandpa frank on their wedding day...

grandma & grandpa cosentino on their wedding day..

this is something that i knew i wanted to do in their honor.

it's 30 days 'til the big day, my friends!
can you believe it?!
i know i can't.


a darling little spring dress.

my lovely sister Kylie made an adorable dress last week.
she found the pattern on Burda Style.
it's an awesome little website that has free (or super cheap) patterns!

this one was the 'coffee date dress'
so cute.

we did a little shoot yesterday:

my lovely twin sister Kylie made an adorable dress last week.
she got it off Burda Style.

it was a lot of fun & the dress is so adorable!
kylie isn't selling dresses, but she DOES have some baby onesies up for sale on her etsy.

happy spring everybody!
the weather is lovely.

oh, and i'm getting married in 41 days! woah.


easter cupcakes.

my honey & i made some easter cupcakes last night.
i took them to work this morning, and they were delish!

they were so yummy.
we used strawberry icing, which was perfect for easter!

right now tim & i are trying to figure out our first dance song.
any suggestions?

(48 days.)


i kinda love easter.

it's true.
i kind of love easter.

well, a couple things.

1. celebrating & thanking Jesus for dying for us. oh, how he loves us.

2. candy. it's an amazing excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of candy.

3. dying eggs! it's amazing how beautiful people can make them look.

4. i love bunnies :) this is adorable. bunny smooch!

all images via we heart it.

happy easter.

oh, and i created a new spring playlist.
it's music to sing and dance and cruise around in a convertible to.

and guess what?
i'm getting married in 49 days!!!