a little thrifting, and a little crafting.

last night tim, kylie, and i went on a late-night thrift store run.
we only had 20 minutes to look around.
i did some speed shopping in the skirt section and found 3 amazing skirts!
this one was probably my favorite...

yay. i love it. my sister hemmed it beautifully!

today i cut burlap table runners for the reception tables.
i still have some more to do, but they're looking really good so far.

and my mom is almost done sewing up all the bridesmaids' dresses!
they are so adorable.

everything is coming together so beautifully.
it feels so real and so close now!

59 days! woah, we're in the 50s.


dream wedding dress.

well, folks. i bought her.
i've been saving up for my wedding dress since May of last year...
i ordered her back in september.
it took 6 months to sew her up in California.
and as of two days 4 days ago, she is mine!

i'm not going to post any photos.
i don't want my man to see the dress 'til our wedding!

from the day i bought her.

(me and my twin.)

(me and my mom.)

her name is Larissa, by designer Claire Pettibone.

she is so lovely!

a couple other things:

1. i bought a new slip dress from Free People.
my excuse is that i'm going to wear it at my bridal shower & rehearsal dinner!

2. my honey and i have been collecting branches for our centerpieces.
we've been walking around town, clipping little branches from trees.
they're going to look adorable in our little blue mason jars!

nothin' but blue skies always on my mind.
(this is the michigan sky.)

warm weather is coming soon.
i can feel it in the air.


my crazy room.

i made paper-heart-strands for the wedding.
i had nowhere else to put them but in my bedroom!
it's officially a mess of wedding decorations.

i absolutely love it.
it feels like i'm in a little whimsical land.

i'm in michigan now.
i drove up with my twin sister (my maid of honor!) and my mom.
i see my wedding gown for the first time tomorrow!!!
oh goodness. i know i'm going to feel like i'm in a dream.
i want to post a picture of her so badly,
but i don't want my fiance to stumble across a picture of her.

67 days.
i am excited. duh.


A Good Day For Some New Tunes

it's kind of a dreary Sunday here in Indiana.
some new music the perfect remedy for cabin fever, i think!

Coeur de Pirate
Coeur de Pirate is french for Pirate Heart.
i found out about this lovely girl a few months ago.

she is so cute & her music is beautiful.

she is lovely.

Coeur de Pirate.

69 my friends. 69 days until i'm christen jean peters.


Happy, Happy Friday!

i've been working a whole lot lately!
here are some beautiful images of where i work.
they make me happy.

it's refreshing to see how people see beauty in things i see everyday.

(and this is just kind of funny.)

the weather is starting to warm up.
spring is coming!
i can't wait for sunshine, pretty dresses, playing outside...and getting married!

my hair will be this long in no time!

oh, and i miss new zealand:

all images via weheartit.

71 days man!


adorable mommy blog

i was looking through blogs when i found one called Bleubird Vintage.
she has the loveliest series of photos of her pregnancy.
i admire when girls look so dang beautiful when they're pregnant!

so cute!
she has a shop too.

a couple side notes:

1. we made homemade cranberry scones last night.

2. we bought burlap. we are making table runners. kinda like these...

3. i am marrying this lovely boy in 75 days.

life is Good. (with a capital G!)


an "oh, so cute" wedding!

it's two and a half months until the wedding, so i'm obviously addicted to wedding blogs.
i was browsing the other day when i came across this beautiful wedding!
they celebrated at The Arts Incubator in Kansas City.

so incredibly gorgeous!
i absolutely LOVE the tree branches in the first photo, with the hanging paper hearts.
i might add this on to my never-ending DIY projects!

79 days. um, wow.