Hunter Gatherer

my lovely friend Gem makes adorable hair accessories.
she and her husband are from New Zealand.

they were featured on Frankie Magazine's online blog!
if you haven't heard of Frankie, it's an adorable magazine based out of Australia.

here's how Frankie describes itself:
"frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are."


some of Gem & Nate's work:

i love them all so much!

i (of course) bought one for myself.

i want to wear it everyday!

she has an etsy shop with some of here lovelies up for sale.


fabric transfers!

tim & i have been trying to think of a way to print on fabric, besides screenprinting.
we want to print a label on about 100 pieces of fabric for all of our favors.

i was looking at 100 Layer Cake
and i came across this method!

it seems easy and the results are beautiful!
i think we'll try this one out soon.


shakin' the winter blues.

indiana winters a cold.
and when i say cold, i mean it!
today we're getting lots of snow...14 inches possibly!

i was browsing blogs, searching for some fun things to do.
i stumbled upon this winter picnic backpack on Design Sponge.

you put it together, fill it with winter goodies like:

-cozy blanket
-hot thermos with soup
-some kind of warm drink

my honey is quite sick at the moment...
and it's actually probably due to the cold weather.
so, we probably won't be doing this anytime soon....
but it's a super cute idea for anyone brave enough to brace the cold for a date!

full instructions found HERE.

ps. 87 days.


coffee date.

my sister and i were both up at 6AM, for no reason.
so we went out for coffee.

i love days like that.
waking up early, getting things done. drinking coffee and enjoying life.
i just wish the weather outside wasn't so gloomy.

just to think, last year i was in new zealand.
february is summer in new zealand, so i was going to the beach every single day.

but no worries! winter will be over soon enough.
then it'll be beautiful spring.
my soon-to-be-husband and i are looking for an apartment.
our wedding is 3 months away, and we want to have a place to call our own after we come back from our honeymoon.

i just want to decorate our own little place.
i'd love hardwood floors, crafty things, and lots of love.
something like this:

images via We Heart It.

images via Design Sponge.

okay. i'm back from dreamland, i think.
i suppose i should do wedding projects before i even think about interior design, right?!

90 days my friends. 90 days.



my friend wendy showed me a website called Lookbook.
it's people from all over the world who submit their outfits/fashion statements.
it's pretty amazing to see people from all over the world.

speaking of outfits.
i've been slacking with mine.

yesterday. i wanted to wear feathers & lots of necklaces.

today, i wore my new thrift store dress.
i bought it yesterday.
it kind of reminds me of popcorn, but in a good way.

oh, and we've been finishing up our invites!!
we are printing a custom stamp on each of them.
tim cut the design from a lino block.
a little over 100 envelopes later, and we are DONE.

i can't wait to send them.
we've ordered custom postage stamps, so we have to wait for those to come in.

other things...

i've been looking at flowers lately.
i've decided on peonies, garden roses, billy buttons, and some other pretty ones for my bouquet.

via design sponge.

oh, peonies. i love you.

(this one is ideal!)

92 days til the big day.
have i mentioned i love wedding planning?
well, i love it.

by the way, i've been trying to work on my stuffed animal line more.
i'm going to make an etsy shop called Two Happy Hearts (go figure, right?).
hopefully once we setting down after the wedding, i'll be able to work on them more.
but i'm trying to sew as much as possible right now!

i'm working on a boy & girl cat couple.
they are cute.
they'll be holding hands soon enough!


an adorable DIY wedding table!

i love all the adorable elements of this table.
the fabric banners, the wooden stands, the handmade sweets, the cute containers!

via Style Me Pretty.

and the rest of the wedding is super adorable too.
apparently they did it for $2,000! how amazing, right?
it's really inspiring.

on that note, i'm off to make fabric banners!

94 days <3


oh, valentine's day.

today has been pretty spectacular.
tim & i had a nice breakfast together, followed by an amazing church service.

some flowers from the day...
tim made me these paper ones:

and my dad got me these fabric flowers from cracker barrel.

we, of course, made cookies!

they turned out soooooo good!

then we finished up our "storybook" photoshoot for Utterly Engaged!
it was a lot of fun.
a couple favorites:

we finished up the day hanging out with friends, eating sweets of course!
i kinda like Valentine's Day ;)

ps. 97 days.


storybook life.

tim & i were lucky enough to win a (FREE) $40 date from Utterly Engaged.
so, we decided to make a storybook.
and we're going to take photos accordingly!

in it, i play a rich girl who doesn't really want to be rich.
she doesn't like all the glitz & glamour of the "high life"...

one day, she runs off to create her own adventure.
she meets a cute traveling/homeless musician...

romance ensues (of course).

we have to finish taking the photos.
i'll post the end of the story when we're done ;)

98 days til our wedding! double digits. wowza!


cute little places.

tim & i made a trip into valparaiso today.
our wedding invites were finished at the printers!
they turned out so perfect.
we are so excited to get them all put together and send them out!

while we were out, we stopped at the cutest shop.
we'd never been there before.
it used to be a horse stable 100 years ago.
it had beautiful original brick walls and gorgeous wood plank floors.

this little fella' is so cute!

i'd love to have this for our wedding!
wouldn't it be perfect for cupcakes?!

and, of course, mirror shots.

what a great shop.
i bought a little card from there.

and i've been sewing, too!
i work almost everyday, but when i'm not making coffee, i'm making little plushies!

(my sister took these.)

102 days!


getting organized.

about 2 nights ago, i took the initiative to clean up my sewing table.
before, it was covered in yard and knitting needles and everything else under the sun.

now it is clean & glorious & ready for some sewing!

and i found these lovely little earrings at an antique shop.
they came with a matching brooch too!

today is freezing.
it's the perfect day for a bummin' out sweater (courtesy of my twin sister!)

oh, and my fiance tim drew this map for our wedding!
so cute, right?!
we're putting it on our wedding website & putting a copy on a table at the ceremony.

103 days 'til our wedding. woah.

ps. i'm sewing a kitty happy heart. i've got to stuff him & give him a tie.


a new thing goin' on.

last night i had the overwhelming desire to sew up a plushie friend.
at first i started off with a bunny, but i switched fabrics and decided on an elephant!

i think she is quite a lovely girl.
i sewed her a heart and a floral fabric bow for around her neck.

i'll be making more and selling them on etsy soon!
although i think i'm going to make two of each animal.

so far i've made one happy heart.
now i just need to make little animal couples...
so they will be two happy hearts.