heart like a kickdrum.

christen here :)

a couple things.

#1. the new album from The Avett Brothers comes out today!!

i was so delighted to find out that my Starbucks has the entire CD on our playlist. work just got so much better.
and buying my favorite band's CD for %30 off? yes please! thanks employee discount.

#2. i love my friends

#3. fall is here, and i love it.

i indulged in a peppermint mocha this morning.
there's just something about peppermint and chilly weather...i love it.

goodbye summer flowers, hello fall leaves and snowfall.

kylie & i are reunited in 19 days.

i get to see my fiance and my twin soon :)


Nashville, Nashville

Kylie here!

We're leaving Nashville tomorrow night and heading out to New Jersey for Revelation Generation Fest. It'll be the longest drive in the past month (16 hour overnight drive...) that I'm not looking forward to!

My husband, Matt, got me a new camera for a (very) early birthday present.
I've been looking at it and dreaming of owning one for awhile now.
It's a Mini Rolleiflex Digital Twin Reflex. whoo big name for a little camera.

Here are some photos from it :)