We're Leaving Today

Dear New Zelanad,
See you in 34 hours.

Two (very) Happy Hearts


only a few more days

yep, it's only about 4 more days until we leave for new zealand!

from what we hear the weather is beautiful.
it'll be a nice change, considering we're stuck in a frozen tundra called indiana.

but a white christmas is always nice.
and so is spending time with our family on christmas eve.
our dad was talking about learning a christmas carol as a family.
that would be adorable.

kylie & mom on acoustic.
dad on trumpet.
mike on bass.
and me tapping or maybe on banjo.

that would be a really special thing to have recorded!

we'll probably do that tomorrow, on christmas.
i can't wait :)
we'll get up, open presents, have a nice breakfast, hang out with kylie at work for a while (bummer!),
then have a beautiful christmas dinner as a family.
i'll have to force everyone to take a family portrait somewhere in the mix.
maybe in the morning, in front of the tree, surrounded by the presents.

oh, i love my family.



Only a mere 22 days until we make the big move to Auckland.
We're impatiently waiting and working here in Indiana until December 29th.

We're still enjoying everything the Midwest has to offer before we leave.
We spent the afternoon at Chicago's Renegade Craft Show.

We bought a necklace, saw Andrew Bird browsing through handmade gifts, and spent time with one of our best friends, Genni, and our Mom.

There is so much to look forward to in New Zealand.
We're spending the first week on Holiday at a lovely girl named Florence's farm.

There will be horses to ride, beautiful sights to see, and a handful of amazing friends :)
What more could we ask for?

(courtesy of jose villa photography)