Twin Style : Philadelphia

My twin sister Kylie has been in town for the past week. It's been an amazing time of hanging out, getting coffee, thrifting, and laughing so much! She's been living in Tampa for the past year, so our time together has been extra precious lately. We snapped some style photos outside my apartment last night. I feel like the East Coast has a way of making us dress super comfy and casual. We've been doing a lot of walking and exploring, so being comfortable is obviously important on those long days of adventures ;) She's leaving today, so we're up early to go out to breakfast and spend as much time together as possible. Happy weekend!


Free People Walnut Street

Last week, the Free People interns had a chance to visit the beautiful Free People store on Walnut St. in Philadelphia. Most of us had shopped at the store before, but hadn’t had a chance to meet or connect with the girls there. But this week we were lucky enough to have a whole morning dedicated to hanging out at this amazing store! We were greeted with hot coffee, delicious fruit and pastries and, of course, lots of beautiful smiling faces. We chatted and heard the gals speak about their journeys with the company, which I always find so interesting! And then the craziness began. They split us up into teams for a styling challenge. Let me tell ya – 15+ interns running around a store, grabbing clothes and accessories and trying to put looks together in under 10 minutes is so crazy and so fun! All the teams did an amazing job, which meant that all of our looks were photographed and featured on the Walnut St. store’s Instagram feed! Thanks again for the incredibly fun morning, Walnut St. ladies!


Philly Thrifting Spots

Thrift stores and coffee shops. Those are the top two spots I love to discover in a new place. Luckily for me, Philadelphia has a plethora of both. The past couple weeks, I've made it a point to get out and discover some of the best thrift stores in town. My favorites have been: Retrospect, Nostalgia, Philly Aids Thrift, and Bulk Warehouse Vintage. All of them are beautifully curated, except Bulk Warehouse Vintage. That one consists of giant cardboard boxes full of random things....some of which are great! I found some adorable cut-offs and tees there. But it definitely took some digging! Do any of you know of good Philly thrift spots? 


Happy 4th

Jacket: Free People | Shorts, Boots, Shirt, Scarf: Thrifted | Bag: Old Faithful Vintage

Yesterday Tim and I experienced our first Philadelphia 4th of July. We went down by the water and swung on hammocks and ate burgers and all-you-can-eat ice cream and then watched fireworks at night. The fireworks show was so packed...we ended up shoving our way through the massive crowd and found a quiet spot in the park to watch the fireworks; definitely more our style! The fireworks show was beautiful, but I sure missed being back in Indiana at my parents house celebrating the 4th. My Dad usually buys a huge fireworks kit for us to set off. Then we'll spend the evening in their backyard, grilling out and blasting cheesy patriotic music and watching the fireworks explode in the air. I think next year we'll make it a point to buy some fireworks to set off ourselves! Hope you all had a beautiful holiday....Hooray for long weekends!


Secret Attic Space

Tim and I randomly found this abandoned apartment in our building. There's a tiny little crawl space door at the top of the stairs in our building. One day I thought, "I wonder what's up there...probably some kind of storage closet." So I opened it up and boy was I surprised to see a beautiful old apartment up there! I got Tim and my camera and we snapped some pictures as we quietly crept around this space that we probably weren't supposed to be in ;) It felt like a moment out of Narnia or The Secret Garden or something....so much fun!


A Day In The Life

Life as an intern sure is fun. I've gotten into a pretty good routine here in Philly. I wake up in the morning, make myself some coffee, listen to music and have breakfast. Then I make the drive down to the Navy Yard where I usually get myself yet another coffee before I start work. Then I go into the studio, help set up equipment and do lighting tests, then go for a coffee/breakfast run. Then it's back to shooting and steaming pretty clothes and some more coffee runs thrown in there, of course ;) At night we usually go out to dinner or dessert. We've also been going to movies in the park on Thursdays. The city is so full of things to do. I can't believe we only have until August to experience it!! I know it won't be easy for us to leave this beautiful city.