Max's First Birthday

all photos except "cake smash" and first 2 photos by Emily Sellers 

On April 2nd, we celebrated our little boy's first birthday. Both sets of grandparents were able to be in town for it, which was very special. Tim's family was in town for three weeks from New Zealand, and my parents were in town from Chicago. We all haven't been together since our wedding, SIX YEARS ago! Needless to say, it was very special and we all had a blast. Max had a ton of presents to open, lots of balloons to play with, and plenty of cake to smash in his face! It was so fun showering him with all the toys and treats throughout the day. We weren't sure how he would do with so much attention on him from so many people, but he was loving it. I'm sure it helped that there was a new toy everywhere he looked ;)
He really is such a sweet and funny guy. He will do anything multiple times in a row if he knows it'll make us laugh. Tonight, we were out for dinner and Tim asked him if he could dance (something he just started doing last night). Without hesitation, Max started bopping up and down to the music. It was THE cutest. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing son. This past year has been such an incredible journey. We have all learned so much about each other. It's amazing to see how much he trusts and loves us completely, out of everyone else in the world. He is our little dream boy. 


Shootin' Hoops

We've been going down to our local park in the evenings to shoot some hoops. Tim's parents bought him a basketball while they were in town. We decided to walk to the park and break it in one night. It was a beautifully warm evening, perfect for spending time outside. Tim's parents flew back to New Zealand a couple days ago, so it's bittersweet going through all the photos of our time together. It's never easy being away from people you love, especially when there's a growing baby in the picture. Max is their only grandchild, so it's especially hard for them to be away. But we're hoping to see them soon...it's just never soon enough! Happy Saturday! Hope it's a beautiful one. 


Little Bunny Boy

What a beautiful Easter Sunday we had together! We made a test cake for Max's birthday, which is next Saturday. I ended up making some cookies and shaped them into bunny ears. The end result was tasty, but not the prettiest thing I've ever made so I'll spare you the photos ;) But it was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. I dug Max's bunny out of his toy basket and showed him how bunnies hop. For the rest of the evening, all he wanted to do was hop on the bed like a bunny. It was the cutest thing and he was craaaacking up! I'll do anything 1,000 times if it'll make him laugh. He is such a joy to have around. Holidays are even more special with him in our lives. 

Springtime & Some Bubbles

We took a perfect spring walk to the park tonight. We thought it would be fun to introduce Max to bubbles for the first time. I think it's safe to say that we were more impressed than him haha! We got a couple smiles out of him, but he was more interested in running around with his stroller. He is so excited to walk and run as much as possible lately. Next week we will celebrate his 1st birthday, which is blowing my mind a little bit. It seems like just the other day that Tim and I were driving home with our newborn boy. Now he is an endless supply of energy and smiles. He's learning new things so quickly now. Before we know it, he's gonna be a toddler! It's bittersweet to watch him grow. We sure do love him to bits.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter! 


First Step!

52 Project. Week 12. The way he stretches his little toes just kills me.

You took your first step 2 days ago. It was early on Saturday morning. Dad had gotten up with you, letting me sleep in for a bit. I guess you kept running your little walker into the bedroom door to wake me up (haha!). Your Dad finally opened it for you. I rolled over, gave you a big smile, and reached my hands out for you. And then you grinned at me and took your very first step. Your Dad  and I looked at each other and said, "FIRST STEP!" We were so proud, buddy. I've been afraid I would miss your first big step. I kept thinking I'd be at work when you decided to do it. But instead, I was the one you walked to. It was so special and a moment I will never ever forget. 


Ice Cream Date

We took advantage of a day off together and went out for ice cream. Chicago didn't have Rita's, so it's a special treat for us to indulge in some custard here in Philly. We're thinking this might be the start of a little Sunday tradition for us. Max had a few bites of his own little vanilla custard and he sure loved it. He's always been a good eater, especially when it comes to treats! 

We are just counting down the days until our families get here for Max's birthday celebration. Tim's family is coming all the way from New Zealand, so it's really special and exciting for us. I've been spending my free time dreaming up ideas for the party and putting together as many special touches as possible. I love planning parties, and my son's 1st birthday has proven to be the most fun of all. Hooray for things to come!



The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

The weather has warmed up the tiniest bit here in Philadelphia. I know the coming week has promises of 60 degree days. I cannot wait for the summertime when we can walk outside with shorts and tees, not worrying about bundling up. Although, I have to admit that I love a good bundled baby. Max with his layers and beanie on just kills me.
Last night we walked over to our neighborhood park. Max is too little to do much there, but it was nice to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air. He went down the slide a few times which he seemed to enjoy.

I've been planning his first birthday this week. I cannot believe that he will be ONE next month. Where has the time gone this past year?! I know everybody says it, but time really does fly even more when you're watching your baby grow. It's a bittersweet thing, seeing him grow up before my eyes. Part of me wishes he could stay small and cuddly forever. But it is also such fun to see him learn new things and get braver and braver everyday. He is an adventurer for sure. He is always pushing his limits, seeing what he can get away with. 

I am very excited for what the next month has in store for us. Our baby boy's first birthday, surrounded by our dear family all the way from Chicago and New Zealand. Max is very lucky to have so many people who just adore him. But, I mean, how could you not? ;)